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2018 Philadelphia Family All Kinds of Kids Guide

Every child is special, but for certain students, their education and enrichment activities need to be, as well. If your child has a learning difference, is gifted, or has another special need that you want to have addressed, scroll and click through this guide to learn about some local resources for All Kinds of Kids around the Main Line and Philadelphia.


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Sarah Bond, Founder & CEO

Looking for a referral from a local parent with first-hand experience? Ask our Philly Family Community group on Facebook (we have over 5K members!)


We also recommend visiting A Day in our Shoes, a fantastic blog created by Lisa Lightner, a Philadelphia Mom. Lisa shares information and resources so that parents can make more informed decisions regarding their child with disabilities and their IEP. A Day in Our Shoes also has a Facebook group for special needs parents to connect for IEP advice, special needs parenting tips.

From relaxed performances to quiet spaces, here are the places working to make Philly more accessible for all.

“Best interests” is never a one-size-fits-all determination, but if a child has special needs, a determination of what is in a child’s best interest is even more complex.

Peanut Allergies in Children: Three Things Parents Should Know

Does your child have a peanut allergy? Keep him safer with these tips and tricks from an allergy specialist.

Early identification of learning differences, and remediation of any issues, can be critical for students who struggle with language development and reading.

The ballet creates a welcoming space for kids with special needs.

Sesame Workshop extends its commitment to autism awareness and outreach to Sesame Place.

As Seen In The Philadelphia Family Education Guide

Get To Know These Local Schools,
Where Learning Differences are Supported and Celebrated:

If you've been searching for a school for your gifted learner, learn why The Grayson School could be the right fit.

AIM students are exceeding national fluency norms for average rate of improvement, not simply compared to peers with learning differences, but as compared to all students nationally.

This Quaker-based school, located in Newtown Square is giving kids who learn differently the tools they need for success.

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