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Brandi Davis is a certified Parenting Coach and Author of O.K. I’m A Parent, Now What? Brandi also lectures at multiple colleges, has been published in several local and national publications, and is a monthly blogger on Mommybites.com and A Child Grows In Philly. Through personal coaching sessions, blogs, podcasts, parent workshops, and tele-classes Brandi presents new strategies and solutions for parents to work into their family. ” Brandi guides parents on their own journey to realize their dream of a happy, loving, and cooperative family.

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Endorsements (27)

  • melissa Member Since Mar 2015
    Brandi is the best! Such a wonderful resource for our family!!
  • brian Member Since Mar 2015
    Brandi is terrific with children and so helpful for parents
  • Theodore Member Since Mar 2015
    Brandi's insights and straight forward advise have been a great help in coping with our grandchildren. Her advise always seems simple, but only after she explains it, at which point I always say, "AH, of course. I should have thought about that." That is what makes her special.
  • Jen Member Since Mar 2015
    You feel comfortable instantly when meeting Brandi. Not only is she knowledgeable, but you can tell she really loves all her kids. I am an elementary teacher for over a decade, and this kind of teacher is rare. She has a true talent for this kind of work. You will learn so much and your child will feel loved and safe in her hands!!!!
  • Dana Member Since Mar 2015
    Brandi has been such a lifeline for me. As a new parent (I guess you always feel new), she's helped me navigate big and small challenges with such a great attitude. I recommend her parenting coaching to all my friends who are open to thinking about parenting in a more thoughtful way!
  • Jaime Member Since Mar 2015
    We are so lucky to have Brandi as a resource to our family. Whenever we have a tough situation, she's one of our first calls.
  • tara Member Since Mar 2015
    If you've raised an eyebrow at parent coaching, here's your chance to change your mind and benefit from it more than you'd have guessed! Brandi is an invaluable resource to parents and to their children. The whole city should know about her for the sake of happier families!

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