ABOUT Lifecycle WomanCare (The Birth Center)

Lifecycle WomanCare, previously known as The Birth Center, has been providing exceptional healthcare services for women of all ages, regardless of income, since 1978. We were the first licensed birth center in Pennsylvania and are one of the oldest continually operating birth centers in the United States. We have changed our name to Lifecycle WomanCare (LWC) to illuminate and highlight the breadth of high-quality care we provide to women over the course of their entire lifetime—from adolescence through post-menopausal years.

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    918 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
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Endorsements (6)

  • Jessica Member Since Mar 2015
    AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I had my daughter at the birth center 5 months ago, and all the midwives I met along the journey were amazing, intelligent, knowledgable, experienced, empathetic.. I can go on and on. Although my labor wasn't what I had pictured in my mind (as a first time mom, who's is) my labor was everything I had hoped for. If I decided to have any more children, I will, without hesitation, head back to the birth center. They really felt like family in the end.
  • Kate Member Since Mar 2015
    I had both of my children in the comforting, home-like environment of the Birth Center. The midwives and nurses who guided us from the early weeks through to birth were compassionate, reassuring, and highly professional. I wouldn't want to have a child anywhere else in Philly. This is home.
  • RACHAEL Member Since Mar 2015
    I was terrified of giving birth, much less doing so without pain meds... When I discovered TBC, I felt empowered and capable of having my baby without medical interventions. Whenever I walked through the door, it felt like home. The midwives never rushed my appointments and always took the time to hear my concerns and give me a pep talk. I conquered my fears and felt like I could do *anything* thanks to the midwives and nurses at TBC. And the moms I've met through the TBC community are some of my closest, dearest friends.
  • April Member Since Feb 2015
    I loved the care I got throughout my pregnancy at the Birth Center. Every time I stepped into an exam room to see one of the midwives I felt like I was among friends and totally at ease. The Birth Center's midwives are up-to-date on the latest evidence in birth practices and I felt totally safe in their hands. When my son came, I had back labor (which can be painful and make labor progress slowly), and they were able to use a non-pain-medication intervention (subcutaneous sterile water) with no side effects to the baby or me which was immediately effective in reducing my pain! I will never forget how empowered I felt after giving birth to my son.
  • Kate Member Since Feb 2015
    I gave birth to my son in the yellow room at the Birth Center and had a wonderful, peaceful experience. My birth there was so lovely, I ended up becoming a doula and childbirth educator in the years following! The Birth Center offers respectful, patient care and allows families to make decisions about their birth experience. I highly recommend it.
  • Lauren Member Since Feb 2015
    There are no words that can properly express how much I love the birth center. We gave birth to our daughter in the yellow room and the midwives and nurses made it feel like we had a home birth. We still get so excited to see our midwives and I love going for any appointment I have! IT is one incredible place!

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