ABOUT Mi Casita Spanish Preschool

Mi Casita is a Spanish Immersion preschool, meaning that teaching and interaction is conducted entirely in Spanish. This provides an environment where young children acquire the language very quickly. The fastest and most effective way to achieve fluency in a language is through immersion, which provides students with full Spanish language instruction. It is not required for students to speak Spanish or have a Spanish background prior to enrolling.

Our Approach
Our school utilizes the fundamentals of learning language through complete Spanish immersion. Through authentic cultural experiences, activities, crafts, reading, games and more, Mi Casita educates our students with fun and engaging activities. In addition to the immersion aspect, Mi Casita utilizes Project based learning and the Creative Curriculum as a launching pad for developing a comprehensive Spanish Immersion preschool education. Monthly themes of study inspire authentic learning in science, literature, art, math/logic, creativity, play, and so much more.

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    1415 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130
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Endorsements (1)

  • Carolyn Member Since Jan 2015
    Mi Casita has the best staff! Such a great place for children to spend their days away from their parents!

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