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Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s easy! West Philly Lactation helps to ease the challenges that sometimes arise with feeding your child, so that breastfeeding can be what it should: a positive experience for the whole family.

West Philly Lactation offers a unique prenatal class that gives parents tools to prevent breastfeeding problems after birth, plus lactation consults in your home or our office, and other services for those who are currently experiencing breastfeeding difficulties.

April Rosenblum was inspired by her own experience as a new mother to help parents avoid some of the pitfalls of early breastfeeding problems. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Red Cross CPR Instructor, she has been trained by and continues to study with leaders in the field of lactation, including Kay Hoover, Catherine Watson Genna and the hardworking lactation team at Pennsylvania Hospital. In addition to direct patient care, she helps to train pediatric professionals in infant oral assessment.

April was voted Philadelphia’s Best Lactation Consultant in the 2015 LOVE Awards.

An in-network Aetna and Blue Cross provider

This is a queer- and trans-friendly business.

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    Home visits in Philadelphia the Main Line & Delaware County; office visits in West Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101
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Endorsements (19)

  • Alisa Member Since Mar 2015
    I had experienced criticism from naysayers shortly before my second child was born -- that I should wean my 2 year old firstborn, that I was crazy to attempt tandem nursing, that breastfeeding a toddler wasn't necessary, etc. Determined to succeed, I reached out to April for help. First and foremost, she validated my feelings and debunked the myths being thrown at me. She then suggested positioning to facilitate sessions where both children wanted to be at the breast, and had great ideas to help when I was feeling "touched out." I am forever grateful to her for both her knowledge and compassion which helped me have the know-how and confidence to reach my goal -- my older child was able to breastfeed until he self-weaned at three years old, and I have been able to continue with my younger child past his second birthday. I will forever treasure those sweet memories of my nurslings holding hands while they fed together! Thank you, April!!
  • Kitty Member Since Mar 2015
    April is knowledgeable, kind, attentive and flexible. Just what a nursing mom with problems needs! :)
  • Alissa Member Since Mar 2015
    April is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and patient. She saved my breastfeeding relationship with my first daughter and I will always be grateful to her. I felt very worried and hopeless before consulting with her because my daughter wasn't gaining weight, but after she worked with us, we were able to overcome our problems and have a long and wonderful breastfeeding relationship. I recommend her to all of my friends who are having breastfeeding issues.
  • sarah Member Since Mar 2015
    April is amazing! Knowledgeable, professional, caring. I had some concerns and she very quickly made time to spend 4 hours with me, helping to address problems I was having while encouraging me that I could do it and I didn't have to get it all right away. She continued to make herself available whenever I needed her and because of her I am still breastfeeding 19 months later! I only wish I had met her while I was still pregnant and done some prep work with her. I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking for breastfeeding support, without any reservations. She's great!!
  • Julie Member Since Feb 2016
    I say this with zero exaggeration: April saved my ability to breastfeed. My son was born with some tongue tie issues that our initial pediatrician wrote off, and after ten days of excruciating breastfeeding sessions, I was desperate for help. April not only immediately gained a full grasp of my son's issues and how they were affecting me, she also understood the emotional weight breastfeeding carries for new moms (and dads!) and brought that knowledge into our sessions, with a gentle manner that put me at ease. She helped me work around my son's tongue tie issues and find a way to feed him without pain, which was priceless. She's one of the main reasons I'm still able to nurse my one-year old! I would highly recommend her to any new moms dealing with breastfeeding issues.
  • Rebecca Member Since Mar 2015
    My LO was born 5 weeks premature and we had a lot of issues at first with breast feeding, I don't think we would have made it without the loving support of April Rosenblum.
  • Kate Member Since Feb 2015
    April continues to impress me with her skill as a lactation consultant. Her demeanor, combined with her knowledge and insight, enables families to relax and to take the appropriate steps that will lead them down a successful road for breastfeeding. She is my first choice for lactation consultants in the city!
  • Hilary Member Since Mar 2016
    April was an amazing support and resource around breastfeeding. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable, patient, and kind, and it's clear in everything she does that she is so passionate about her work and views it as so much more than a job. She caught a severe posterior tongue tie that had been missed by my daughter's other providers and helped us so much in every step of the process of her tongue tie revision and healing. She is so generous with her time and energy: she always responded quickly to questions and concerns and was flexible in working us into her schedule when needed. She is a wealth of knowledge - she even provided us with a guide she'd written on steps on preparing for and recovering from the laser tongue tie revision. She is unique in being clearly so passionate about breastfeeding, while at the same time never being rigid, judgmental, or critical about family's choices. She was so lovely to work with and made both my husband and me feel very comfortable and supported. I am sure that I would have had to stop breastfeeding early had we not gotten connected with her: 7 months in now and still going strong!
  • Tiana Member Since Mar 2016
    April is an amazing lactation consultant! When I first had my daughter a few weeks after she was born I had trouble keeping my milk supply up. I was very frustrating because I felt that I could not feed my baby. So my nurse from the program Nurse-Family partnership directed me to April. April had a lot for me to do which was very discouraging at first. But I just committed to the tasks she assigned me and my supply was up and running two days later. She keep my hopes up even when others didn't think I could do it. Now my daughter is almost 6 months and I still breastfeed her. She loves it!

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