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Jack’s Pumpkin Glow Lights Up Philly’s Fairmount Park

Philadelphia's Fairmount Park is aglow with pumpkin art this Halloween season.

It’s October! And when fall rolls around, pumpkins start appearing on stoops, atop hay bales, printed on socks, and everywhere else. But they never looked like this! Jack’s Pumpkin Glow will make you rethink your jack o’lantern game and entertain the kids for hours on selected evenings this Halloween season, Wednesdays through Sundays until November 3rd.


The Glow brings its unique combination of art installation-meets-pumpkin patch to Fairmount Park for another year with a spectacle of more than 5,000 carved pumpkins and pumpkin-related sculptures, alight and glowing in the autumn dark, plus spooky Halloween displays. Picture a spinosaurus, an undersea world, and a Frida Kahlo painting, all rendered in pumpkin! You’ll also see live carving demonstrations, exhibits, and pumpkin themes and designs of all kinds, including recognizable Philly-famous people and motifs, from the LOVE statue to Benjamin Franklin, Gritty, Rocky, and Kevin Hart. Sports fans will love to find pumpkinized logos of the Phillies, 76ers, Eagles, and Flyers.


 Photo by Gwyneth K. Shaw


Not too scary for smaller kids, this unique installation is for all ages. Paved, lantern-lit paths make this third of a mile of carved pumpkins and sculptures accessible to all. Food and drink are available for purchase, so make sure to enjoy some seasonal snacks while you wander and wonder amongst the pumpkins. And once you’re inspired, don’t forget to visit the pumpkin patch to take home a pumpkin and carve a creation of your own making.


 Photo by Gwyneth K. Shaw


You’ll find Jack’s Pumpkin Glow at 5201 Parkside Avenue, right in front of the Mann Center for the Performing Arts. You can park for just $5 before heading into the fun! Tickets are sold in time slots to allow you to enjoy the display without a crowd, and you can plan to start your exploration and end in the pumpkin patch within an hour or so.


What’s even more fun than a field full of artistically carved and spookily glowing pumpkins? Getting to enjoy it all for 20% less! Use our promotion codes! (Excludes Anytime Tickets.) Good through the end of the 2019 season.


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Lead photograph by Jonathan Butz. 

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  • Chris Hunter October 7, 2018

    Thank you for your article, however, for families who do NOT live in Philly, and who are driving to the event, why is there absolutely NO mention of where to park? Thank you.

    • http://phillyfamily.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/PF_default_gravatar.png
      Sarah Bond October 8, 2018

      Hey Chris! I attended this event on Friday night and the event parking is onsite is easy peasy! They have lots of attendances directing you to where to park on site But a word of warning, if you have the option to drive a bigger car (suv, truck, minivan) I would encourage this over a lower, sportier car because there are some big bumps and ruts in the grass to drive over!!

      • http://phillyfamily.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/PF_default_gravatar.png
        Sarah Bond October 8, 2018

        And yes, we moderate comments to reduce the spam. For example, this morning I we had three comments from the “Indianapolis Pest Control” on our Thomas and Friends article, “these wood eating pests…” 🙂


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