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15 Moments When Mom Tiger Was All of Us

A celebration of the glue that holds "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" together.

Daniel Tiger’s mom has always been #ParentingGoals, from her beachfront property to her boundless positive energy. She doesn’t even seem to mind that she’s the only one in her family who has to wear pants. She has a strategy song for every little drama that overwhelms Daniel, and it always works (and sometimes it even works for us).


Despite her perfection (and, you know, her being an anthropomorphic tiger), she’s still a mom of small children—even in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe you know some stuff is gonna go down. Here are some moments when we raised our paws in solidarity with Mom Tiger.


When Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday decided to make an “inside beach” all over her hardwood floors.


Even the usually level-headed Mom Tiger could not hold it together, and we don’t blame her — that stuff is never going to be completely gone, I don’t care how much you vacuum.


When her living room looked like this:

Same, Mom Tiger. Same.


When she was totally dressed and ready go to, but Daniel and Dad Tiger were still in their pajamas.

Standing by the door and holding that basket clearly wasn’t enough of a hint for those two.


When she just went with a smushed birthday cake because a 4-year-old insisted he could carry it home himself.

You brought this on yourself, Daniel Tiger. Happy Birthday!


When there was no such thing as “traveling light” with two small kids.

Pushing the stroller while loaded up with bags? We’ve all been there. Meanwhile, Daniel Tiger cannot be bothered to carry something. If it’s not a custom birthday cake that he’s sure to ruin, he’s not interested.


When it was her turn to take Daniel to the doctor.

We all know that face. No amount of purse-and-ballet-flat coordinating is going to make that appointment pretty.


When she realized why we can’t have nice things.

Considering the main industry in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe is clocks, who knows when she’ll get another vase?


The exact moment a dinner out with the kids stopped seeming like a good idea:

Does the magical trolley deliver takeout?


When a day at the beach just meant chasing 4-year-olds around on a different surface.

Poor Mom Tiger cannot catch a break. Sure she explained beach safety. She even wore her jaunty pink sunhat and brought her undying optimism. But the kids brought their buckets, and they’re filling them with trouble.


When she did it for the ‘gram.

“Photo op!” Dad Tiger exclaims as they pick strawberries even though the grocery store is just a trolley ride away. We’ve all done it.


When Daniel Tiger would not put his shoes on.

Everyone’s going to be late, and he’s just sitting there holding his shoes. He’s squandered all the time he saved by not wearing pants, and Mom Tiger is not having it.


When she found her bliss.

There’s no banana bread in the house, so Mom Tiger sits on a wooden stool and eats a banana in the kitchen. Alone. With a book. She has never looked happier.


When she tried to make “banana swirl” happen.

Look, she just got this new Vitamix, and a parenting blog promised that her kids wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this concoction and actual ice cream. Neighborhood of Make-Believe, indeed.


When the kids needed superhero capes and used the towels she just washed.

If she hadn’t already learned from the vase and the sand, this moment underlined it: we can’t have nice things.


When the babysitter finally showed up.

She’s so excited at the prospect of a night out on the town, she can’t even wait to leave before breaking out the dance moves. Go on, Mom Tiger, live your best life. You’ve earned it.


Images courtesy of PBSkids.org. 

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  • Diana Douglass January 4, 2018

    Thanks for this – shared with my daughter-in-law, who insisted from the beginning that Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood was the only TV suitable for the grandchildren. (My own were raised on Mr. Rogers, of course

  • Lincoln Chase January 6, 2018

    This is awesome.

  • Asim August 9, 2019

    I hereby raise my paw in solidarity with Mom Tiger.

    “When a day at the beach just meant chasing 4-year-olds around on a different surface”??? Yup.

  • Deborah Duerr November 3, 2019

    I love Mom Tiger. She has the proverbial patience of a saint, but is sometimes tiger-cub challenged! Singer and voice over artist Heather Bambrick does a fantastic job with mom tiger’s lovely speaking and singing voice!