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After School Programs With Transportation for Philly Students

Parents rejoice! We’ve got you covered after school.

Childcare is always a challenge when you’re juggling everyone’s schedules. The beginning of the school year provides a bit of relief after an August spent patching together care once camp has let out, but that’s really only got you covered until about 3 pm. There are so many great extra-curricular programs out there, but if you’re stuck in the office (or your kids go to different programs), how do your kids get from Point A to Point B?


Luckily, this is not a unique problem, and many programs pick up from local schools. We’ve compiled some great options, and you’re sure to find something great, no matter your kids’ interests!


Philly Art Center

Queen Village: 514 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia

Fairmount: 2501 Olive Street, Philadelphia

Mt Airy: 530 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia

Pickup from: McCall, Meredith, Nebinger, Coppin, Independence Charter, Bache-Martin, Greenfield, St. Francis Xavier, Russell Byers Charter, C.W. Henry, Houston, Lingelbach, Germantown Friends, Greene Street Friends, Germantown Jewish Centre

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: Pre-K-6 (ages 4-12)


Philly Art Center’s After School Art program, with free school pick-up, is one of the most popular around. With three locations—Queen Village, Fairmount, and Mt. Airy —they pick up at a wide range of schools, and provide skill-building and age-appropriate studio classes in various media, plus a snack. Organized into three seasons, you preregister online for one day, or up to all five, for the season.


Philly InMovement

Queen Village: 500 Kenilworth St., Philadelphia

Northern Liberties: 810 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia

Pickup from: Meredith, McCall, Nebinger,

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: K-6


InMovement’s “MOVE After School” program gives your kids energy filled movement classes as well as homework help! You can register for one day, or up to all five.


Old Pine Community Center

401 Lombard St., Philadelphia

Pickup from: Meredith, McCall, Nebinger,

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: K-5


Kids will get daily homework help and a snack, as well as kid-created clubs, arts and crafts, and trips to the park.


Fleisher Art Memorial

719 Catharine St., Philadelphia

Pickup from: Nebinger, Meredith, Coppin, Christopher Columbus Charter, McCall (free walking pickup)

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: K-5


After school Creative Lab involves a thematically driven curriculum to evoke expression and perspectives through art; including visual art, movement, puppetry, and creative writing. You can sign up for one day per week, or all five.


Settlement Music School (must be a Settlement student)

416 Queen St., Philadelphia

Pickup from: Meredith, McCall, Nebinger, Christopher Columbus Charter School

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: Pre-K-3 (ages 3-9)


New students to Settlement who are in Kindergarten through third grade, as well as kids in Settlement’s Kaleidoscope Preschool can enroll in the Kaleidoscope Plus after school program where they will receive homework support and snack, and are immersed in the world of music, theater, and visual arts. Students explore music, puppetry, storytelling, and creative acting. Enroll one day per week, up to five days per week.


Kids on 12th

204 South 12th St., Philadelphia

Pickup from: McCall, Greenfield, Independence Charter School, Folk Arts Cultural Treasures, Jackson Coppin

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: 1-5


Kids can get homework help and snack options along with countless choices of activities every day like sports activities, art projects, quiet reading time, and swimming.  Kids also have the option of joining the Junior Teacher Program, where they take on responsibilities like fundraising and community cleanup—and get rewarded with the “JT lock-in” sleepover party at the end of the year.


2013 Sansom St., Philadelphia

Pickup from: Greenfield, Marian Anderson Neighborhood Academy (Chester Arthur Elementary School), Stanton, The Philadelphia School, Beth Zion Beth Israel Pre-K, Independence Charter School, Fanny Jackson Coppin School (Monday, Wednesday, Friday only), Childs Elementary (Monday, Wednesday, Friday only)


Care until: 6 pm

Grades: Pre-K-7


Jewish afterschool enrichment and community learning. Each Friday, families are invited to stay for a family celebration of Shabbat where students prepare food together.

Beacon Center

2125 Chestnut St., Philadelphia

Pickup from: Greenfield

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: ages 5-6


This popular Philly preschool also has an after school program for younger kids, with storytimes, art, homework help, trips to local parks and libraries, and more.

Christian Street YMCA

1724 Christian St., Philadelphia

Pickup from: Arthur Elementary School, E.M. Stanton Elementary School, Abigail Vare, Independence Charter, Smith Elementary School, Universal Charter School, Christopher Columbus Charter School, George Washington, Philadelphia Free School (Transportation is subject to change based on enrollment and availability. The Y will consider providing transportation where there are 5 or more students enrolled in the program.)

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: K-6 (ages 5-12)


Children receive homework assistance, as well as recreational and enrichment activities.

Parent Infant Center

4205 Spruce St., Philadelphia

Pickup from: by van from Samuel Powel School. Teachers meet and walk with children from Lea School and Penn Alexander School. Children attending other area schools may attend with their own transportation.

Grades: K-4

Care until: 6 pm


PIC’s after school program offers time for homework assistance, outdoor free play, and a variety of special-interest clubs such as cooking, writing projects, carpentry, sports, arts and crafts, science, and community service.



1241 N. Front St., Philadelphia

Located at: Adaire, Hackett, Moffett

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: varies at each location


With play and creativity as central components to this program, PlayArts offers daily opportunities for outdoor play and weekly classes in theater, dance, visual arts, poetry, and music, as well as homework help. They embrace the “No bad weather, only bad clothing” philosophy–please ensure your child has appropriate attire for daily outdoor play!


The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

8480 Hagy’s Mill Road, Philadelphia

Pickup from: Call for info on which school they have transportation for

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: K-6 (ages 4-12)


The Schuylkill Center’s Monkey Tail Gang includes nature exploration, outdoor and indoor play, group activities, and snacks. The centerpiece of this program is really free play and connecting with nature. Daily outdoor activities may include hiking in the forest, exploring streams and ponds, searching for signs of wildlife, and even canoeing!


Sawubona Creativity Project

1935 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia

Pickup from: walking distance from location

Care until: 6 pm

Grades: K-6


Are you looking for a unique, affordable after-school program for your children? The Sawubona Creativity Project offers theatre arts programs, workshops, and activities that are infused with social emotional learning and character development skills that everyone needs to be successful in life.


City of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Rec Centers

In addition to all these great places, many city rec centers run their own affordable after school programs, which also provide pickup from the neighborhood. These programs begin to enroll in the summer, and fill up quickly, so check as soon as possible if you are interested.


Moonstone Preschool (Not offering this for the 2023-2024 school year, we will update for next year.)

Pickup From: Meredith Elementary and Jackson Elementary

Care Until: 6 pm

Grades: K-3


At Moonston’s “After Moon”, your child will be immersed in the same curricular themes presented in the Preschool, but at a level appropriate to their age and ability. Moonstone offers students a dynamic, all-encompassing arts education program. The focus will be on teaching emotional/ social development through art and performance. The visual and performance arts offer students the ability to learn skills such as cooperation, collaboration, independence, interdependence, self-expression, and other valuable life skills, along with an enriching art experience.


Photograph by Sarah L. Bender.

Contributing Writer

  • Lisa August 2, 2018

    The Boys and Girls Club of South Philadelphia also picks up from many south Philly schools. Our daughter (entering 3rd grade) has been in their aftercare program since Kindergarten and we’ve been very happy. The rates are extremely reasonable, they provide a snack (which is almost a full meal), homework help, indoor and outdoor (depending on weather) games, computer lab, and other activities.

    • https://phillyfamily.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/PF_default_gravatar.png
      Sarah Bond August 16, 2018

      Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa!

  • Melissa Rosato October 13, 2018

    Is there a list of which programs also offer beforecare and transportation to local schools? I know YMCA does. Any others that do both?

  • Hannah August 28, 2023

    The Dandelion Project (at the corner of 9th/Reed) offers a unique child-led Aftercare program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays til 6pm. Dandelion Aftercare offers free pick ups from Southwark and Kirkbride. Each day, young people will be immersed in a caring and supportive community as they explore their passions and interests. Prepared activities, open ended activities/maker space, daily walking trips and more make this a fun experience kids will love. Daily snack is provided. Learn more at http://www.thedandelionproject.us/aftercare <3