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Confident Parenting is a network of resources providing education and support for growing families including lack of sleep, and postpartum overwhelm.


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Confident Parenting

Confident Parenting LogoConfident Parenting is a network of resources providing education and support for the challenges growing families face including lack of sleep, postpartum mood issues and overwhelm. Whether you are a first time parent or veteran, it takes a village and you can build yours here.

Confident Parenting is a team of sleep and potty training consultants as well as a comprehensive network of additional experts and resources for all your parenting needs. Whatever challenge you are working through, they have someone who can help! Be sure to check out the services page or contact me for additional resources or information.


Confident Parenting - 2020 LOVE Plaque Photo (MLP)

2020 LOVE Award Winner: Family Favorite Sleep Consultant

Family Focus Media has been building community with Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family since 2010 and our annual LOVE Awards celebrate the BEST local resources for families, thanks to thousands of nominations like this one:

Philly Family community member, Sarah N. shared: 

PF-LOVEFamilyFavorite2020“Erica was wonderful. She saved us! At 5 months old, our son was still waking every 45 minutes all night long. We were at our wit's end. Erica not only got our son sleeping, but she took the time to do it in a way that fit us. She listened and made it work for us rather than a one size fits all program. Today, we all sleep and it's great!"



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Whether you are an entrepreneur opening a new business or a legacy organization that would like to be more connected with families in Philadelphia, we welcome you to join our Business Membership program at phillyfamily.com/join/business.

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