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Invictus Physical Therapy | Best Physical Therapist – 2024 LOVE Awards

Personalized physical therapy specializing in treating running and pelvic floor. Invictus PT emphasizes acceptance and exclusivity.


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Invictus Physical Therapy | Best Physical Therapist – 2024 LOVE Awards

Invictus Physical Therapy does things differently. They strive to add a personal touch to therapy. They prioritize your needs and goals and believe you deserve individualized attention and care. There, you aren’t just a patient, you’re an integral part of a team. Their providers are among the most educated and highly credentialed therapists in Philadelphia, and they use that expertise to get you back to doing the things you love, whether that’s running marathons or playing with your grandkids.

Invictus takes a collaborative approach to ensure that you have an active role in determining the direction of your care. They believe that patients heal the best when they work with an expert therapist who understands your body and goals.

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  • 2024 LOVE Award Winner: Best Physical Therapist


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Invictus Physical Therapy | Best Physical Therapist – 2024 LOVE Awards 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • https://phillyfamily.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/PF_default_gravatar.png

    Philly Family Community Member

    I have a pretty unique experience with Invictus! I’ve worked with them for the past 8 months as they have repeatedly fixed my runner’s knee pain. I can’t recommend them enough. All the PT’s are beyond kind and compassionate as hell. They are great at explaining every process and step of recovery.

    6 months into working with Invictus, I was given a script for pelvic floor PT. After searching everywhere in Philadelphia for a queer and trans-friendly pelvic floor PT, lo and behold Invictus was there! I can’t speak highly enough of my PT. She is so kind and compassionate and trauma-informed, asks consent in all processes and never assumes. She’s an incredible PT and a great educator on all things pelvic floor.

    I am writing this review because my friends and family are sick of me talking about them. They’ve created a ridiculously friendly environment that is open and welcoming to all. I recommend them to everybody, specifically people who are queer and trans like myself and are looking for a PT safe haven!

  • Philadelphia Family Community Member

    This place is awesome for specialized and personal physical therapy care. Rehabilitation programs are crafted for each individual, not like the big PT companies, where they try to rush you through and schedule as many people at once just for billing purposes. The care and consideration that the physical therapists exude at Invictus is unmatched by any other places I have been. Every patient is special, and each physical therapist makes you feel so. It’s all about your own curated program to get you back in action, not bilk you for tons of money. I couldn’t recommend this place more, and I have sent many people there.

  • Sylvia J.

    Gabrielle Rathz and Dawson Marshall created something really special. Their physical therapy company was founded to break the traditional standard of physical therapy by seeing so many patients at once there was no care or meaningful recovery behind it.
    These two genuine people believe in doing what’s right and founded a company to help people actually heal, and live pain free lives again.
    Gabrielle specializes in pelvic floor therapy as one of the many modalities treated and Dawson works with runners and many other variations of patient care to help people thrive injury free.
    Gabrielle’ brother conceived the name “invictus” back in 2014 and she promised she would create her company in tribute to her brother who lost his battle to colon cancer in 2020.

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