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Penn Parenting Resource Center

Penn Parenting Resource Center provides myriad resources for expecting families and those with children up to 3 years of age.


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Penn Parenting Resource Center

Penn Parenting Resource Center provides myriad resources for expecting families and those with children up to 3 years

of age, including:

  • Lactation consultation with IBCLC’s- prenatal assessment, breast/chest feeding, pumping, weaning
  • Infant feeding and swallowing evaluation and treatment with an infant Speech Language Pathologist
  • Prenatal Classes- childbirth, infant CPR, pediatric first aid, baby care basics, beginning breastfeeding, becoming grand(parent)
  • Parent/Child classes- exploring parenthood, social baby, exploring toddlers, parenting your second child, sweet sleep
  • Support groups- breastfeeding support group, pregnancy support group, fragile beginnings, birth trauma recovery, postpartum support
  • Hospital grade breast pump rental, flange fitting, lactation bra fitting
  • And more!





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1 review
  • Amanda

    The resources at Penn Parenting Resource Center came to my rescue twice with my first child. In December I attended their childbirth class with my partner. As a nurse, I went in wanting to learn about the birthing process for the first time since school over a decade prior and also for the first time as an expecting mom. He went in wanting to know what to expect and how he could be most supportive. Four days later I had precipitous labor and what we learned in that class is the only reason we remained semi-calm while rushing our way to Pennsylvania Hospital to deliver!
    Fast forward to 6 weeks post partum and I was about to give up on breastfeeding. My baby was having difficulty nursing and I was in so much pain. Everyone says breastfeeding is painful at first then after a bit you get used to it, so I just kept waiting. Finally when I was ready to give up I gave a lactation consultation a try. I am now 4 months postpartum and proud to share that my baby and I are successfully still on our breastfeeding journey! This is genuinely only because of the support I received through my lactation appointments. The first was in person then I chose to do my next two virtually. It was so convenient, and I was able to continue breastfeeding without pain!!
    I wish EVERY expecting parent hoping to breastfeed could have a lactation consultation while still pregnant! We spent so much time prepping all the things for baby and learning about childbirth but I can’t overstate how much breastfeeding education would’ve benefitted me and baby. And saved us both lots of tears!!

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