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Redwood Educational Services offers families a dynamic, comprehensive, and highly personalized educational consulting service.


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Redwood Educational Services, LLC

Redwood Logo At Redwood Educational Services, they take pride in offering families a dynamic, comprehensive, and highly personalized educational consulting service. Choosing the most appropriate school or program can be an exhaustive process, and can leave many families feeling confused, unsure, or simply overwhelmed. Their collaborative approach brings you clarity, knowledge, and peace while all collectively decide what is the best fit for you and your child.

Acting as a guide

The most important thing that the experts as Redwood can help you with is creating new opportunities. Their goal is to be a close and trusted resource in helping families make the best decisions for themselves and their children, and the Redwood staff are committed to helping parents gain the perspective that will allow them to be the best advocate for their child’s needs.

Team-Based Approach

Redwood believes in change and growth, and in helping students develop the skills necessary to evolve into strong, independent young men and women. At Redwood, parents are integral members of the team. They believe that the process works best when everyone is bringing something to the table: parents, student, school, other professionals, and consultant. The process begins by helping families to clarify what their goals are for their child, both short term and long term, and then making decisions with those goals in mind. Any school or program selection will yield more fruit when it is a part of a larger plan, and each of those steps should be taken judiciously. While it is often tempting to make an immediate decision, it is usually more prudent to make a thorough decision.

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