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Arrrgh! Pirates Have Arrived at Adventure Aquarium

The pirates sail away after July 9, but their exhibit is sticking around!

Pirates have dropped anchor at Adventure Aquarium for a limited time, through July 9, to launch the new “Pirates’ Passage,” a permanent installation that is sure to delight. Included with admission, you can experience pirate adventures throughout the aquarium with interactive activities—and a friendly band of pirates!

Through July 9, you can talk with the crew, take photos, play games, and more. Make sure you check the schedule when you arrive, so you don’t miss pop-up events throughout the day like pirate hat crafts, live parrot talks, and pirate trivia. Throughout the day, you will encounter Darkbeard and his crew, singing, dancing and safely interacting with guests.

If your kids have always had burning questions for pirates, now is their chance. Our kid interviewers were on the scene with hard-hitting questions like: Have they ever seen mermaids or sea monsters?

While the pirates were happy to regale them about their ship, their erstwhile parrot, and their many adventures, things took a turn when the kids asked about their treasure, so watch out!

If your kids do want to find treasure, go on a scavenger hunt throughout the new Pirates’ Passage exhibit, which will remain after the Pirates depart for their next adventure. This section of the aquarium has been revamped with irreverent pirate-themed graphics, and pirate props in the sea creatures’ homes. Look closely and you’ll see the animals swimming amongst pirate flags, boots, and even sunken treasure! In between, read Darkbeard’s private journal, “Fish Tales,” scrolling the walls between exhibits.

Pirates will be at Adventure Aquarium through July 9, and all activities are included with admission. Pirates’ Passage exhibit will remain at the aquarium indefinitely. To manage capacity, all guests visiting must schedule a reservation or pre-purchase a general admission ticket. Masks are required for unvaccinated guests, and all guests ages 2-12. Adventure Aquarium is located at 1 Riverside Drive in Camden, New Jersey.

Photos and videos by Laura Swartz.

Contributing Writer