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Mister John’s Music Throws a South Philly Birthday Bash with a Purpose

Happy Birthday, Mr. John! Celebrate at a fabulous party and help raise money for more wonderful music!

Next week, John Francisco (better known as Mister John) is celebrating his birthday, and he’s sharing it with the neighborhood. And trust us; this party is going to have everything! The party will be held on Tuesday, June 26 from 4—7 pm at his studio at 904 South 9th Street in Philadelphia.


If you have a little one in Philly, you probably know the magic that is Mister John’s Music. His warm, multi-sensory, and quirky approach to music education has a passionate following, quickly filling up his classes the moment the new schedule drops. There are puppets, instruments, movement, games, storytelling, and plenty of imagination to take you on a musical journey. We love the pop theme weeks, with everything from Beatles to Beyoncé.

When he opened his new studio in the Italian Market last summer, it opened up a whole week’s worth of programming, from baby music to adult guitar, and everything in between. Each level builds upon itself, so South Philly babies get to grow up learning music and friendship under Mister John’s guidance.


“If anyone is as lucky as we are to find an early childhood teacher as emotionally validating and nurturing of joy as Mr. John, then I encourage them to have more babies so they can keep enjoying the special parent-and-me class time! Your little one will grow weekly to be more socially aware, creative and kind to others,” raves Olivia Phan, whose three daughters have called these music classes home over the past four years.


Next week’s party will feature live musical performances by the Mister John’s Music team, as well as by the Intermediate Kids’ Guitar Class. There will also be Drag Storytime with Maria Topcatt! Mister John also promises “all sorts of shenanigans.” Will Dumpling Pie show up with treats for the kids? Will there be puppets? You’ll just have to come and find out!

Along with the performances, there will be treats provided by local businesses like ice treats from South Philly’s old timey D’Emilio’s. The party is also BYOB (the B can stand for beverage or baby, or both really, go nuts).


In addition to the fun, this party also has a deeper purpose: to fund even more music programs! At the party (as well as virtually, through Venmo @Mister-Johns-Music if you are unable to attend), you can donate to his 2018 Instrument Fund. The wish list includes ukuleles, keyboards, drums, guitar strings, and sheet music. With this support, Mister John’s Music hopes to launch some new music classes in the fall, like group piano, drumming, ukulele, private lessons, and much more!


This party will be so much fun for Mister John’s loyal regulars, and for newcomers it’s a great way to see what Mister John’s Music is all about! We know we’ll be there celebrating, and we hope to see you there too!


Photographs by Laura Swartz.

Contributing Writer