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5 Reasons Philly Families will Love Diggerland

A New Jersey mom tells us all about her family's favorite amusement park, and why it deserves a place on your summer list!

I am a Jersey mom to three boys who dig visiting Diggerland. My boys and I have been visiting Diggerland multiple times a year, every year since they opened their doors in 2014. As far as local family attractions go, it’s one of our favorites, and we know it will be one of yours too.


Here’s why:

1. It’s a unique theme park that is local to all of us. Diggerland USA is the only construction-themed amusement park in the country. It’s an easy 35-minute drive from Philadelphia. And once you get here, they won’t charge you for parking. Ever wanted to ride a tractor that can flatten tar on a road, or drive a backhoe that can dig a ditch? You can at Diggerland. The rides at Diggerland are not your typical amusement park rides. Children (and adults!) can operate real construction equipment.



2. Speaking of the rides, most of the rides can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Unlike other amusement park rides, where mom and dad are too big for the kid rides, or the kids are too scared for the high thrill rides, at Diggerland kids can ride and drive together. When we first started visiting Diggerland I was having fun right alongside my kids driving with them. Now, they are driving me around the tracks, and it’s still fun.
3. See Philadelphia in a whole new way! New rides like Elevation Station and the Soaring Eagle Zip Line, and old favorites like the Sky Shuttle take you high into the air. Not only will you get a bird’s eye view of Diggerland, but on a clear day you might even see parts of the Philadelphia skyline.
4. At Diggerland, you are not going to spend a day out with the kids waiting in long lines for amusement park rides. Admission tickets to Diggerland USA are limited to specific dates and capacity limits. This allows Diggerland to make sure wait times are bearable and your family can have a good time, without spending all of it in line. We are always able to go from ride to ride with very little wait time for each attraction.



5. There is such a variety of attractions that every member of the family will find something they love. Diggerland USA has done a great job of creating attractions to appeal to everyone. There are rides where you can sit back and just be a passenger. There are rides where you get to operate the equipment. There are rides that spin, and rides that go up high. There is a huge playground, a rock wall, and a ropes course. And if you need a break from the rides you can always spend some time in the arcade.

Summer is here and Diggerland is ready. The South Jersey construction theme park is now open daily till September 3. If you would like to learn more about our Diggerland experiences please visit my article, Everything you want to know about DIGGERLAND USA. To learn about ticket prices and get your tickets visit their site at www.diggerlandusa.com.


Photographs courtesy of Diggerland USA.

Contributing Writer from jerseyfamilyfun.com