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The Aspen Grove School

The Aspen Grove School is a nature-based, Reggio-inspired program, dedicated to preserving and nurturing the magic and wonder of childhood.


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The Aspen Grove School

The Aspen Grove School is a nature-based, Reggio-inspired program, dedicated to preserving and nurturing the magic and wonder of childhood. They serve children ages 6 weeks through 5 years with learning that is playful, yet substantive. Their physical environment is intentionally prepared, filled with natural light and includes 3 gross motor spaces. Children spend time outdoors everyday with credentialed teachers that serve as a guide to a child's natural curiosity.

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1600, Christian Street, Southwest Center City, South Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, 19146, United States
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The Aspen Grove School 24 reviews

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24 reviews
  • Maura Barbour

    We’ve sent our 2 boys to Aspen Grove since each was around 4 months old, and have had an amazing experience. The teachers have been caring, creative, engaging, and are just the best. They truly love the kiddos like their own and it’s amazing to see how much learning happens every day.

  • Felecia H.

    Aspen Grove has made such a difference in our daughter’s education. The early childhood years are so important for learning, exploring and teaching kids how to experience life and act around each other. Aspen Grove facilitates all of this!

  • Katarina

    Everyone is incredibly friendly and took the time ahead of school even starting to try and get to know my son so that he would be comfortable at the start of the school year. The general curriculum of the school is wonderful and we love all of the nature based activities and time kids get outside. The teachers and staff are all approachable, caring, and nurturing. We can’t recommend Aspen Grove enough!

  • Vanessa S.

    My husband and I first enrolled our older daughter into the school when it first opened when she was 2 years old. She was originally supposed to “graduate” when she was 5 in order to go to Kindergarten but then the pandemic changed everything. Aspen Grove came through for a small group of parents who had very limited options and created a “kindergarten” class that met in person 5 days a week. It was truly amazing and a bright silver lining in such a tumultuous time. Our daughter is now in 2nd grade and our younger daughter who is 2 is enrolled at Aspen Grove. Though the school has been through many changes, we always could rely on the dedication, warmth, and professionalism of the teachers. I always felt and still do feel that my daughters are in the best of care. And there is a true sense of community there.

  • David

    They are constantly engaging with parents as well as students. Parents receive regular updates, meet and greets and activities outside of school. Students are exposed to different art and outdoor activities each week.

  • Emma H.

    I can’t imagine Graduate Hospital without Aspen Grove. It has created a sense of community among all the young families and really brought us all together. The parade of strollers past our every morning always makes me smile.

  • Ben S.

    Exceptional teachers, beautiful facility, and just about the nicest and kindest group of students and parents you’ll find anywhere.

  • Kurt

    Our school, Aspen Grove, is a beautiful facility which cherishes nature education and outdoor time. Our older child was extremely well prepared through Pre-K and was years ahead of our expectations on reading, writing, and personal interactions when departing to kindergarten. The school leadership and teachers are so passionate about childhood education and has loving relationship with both our children in the school. Our oldest was ready and capable when moving on to kindergarten, but loves visiting and seeing old teachers when we pickup our youngest who still attends Aspen Grove. We have been here for nearly 4 years and have seen leadership navigate so many difficult challenges, from working with parents on behavior issues to inevitable staff turnover issues. Staffing schools is very challenging, and we have seen this leadership team deal with these issues with resilience and transparency. Our youngest who is in her attachment phase loves her teachers and is not eager to depart when we arrive shows she is happy throughout the day and clearly learning fast.

  • https://phillyfamily.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/PF_default_gravatar.png

    Colleen Y.

    Aspen Grove has been my children’s home away from home for over 2 years and we couldn’t be happier with the care and education that they receive. Truly feel like the staff and teachers are family as they care deeply about the kids health and happiness and are in constant communication with parents.

  • https://phillyfamily.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/PF_default_gravatar.png

    Rachel W.

    Incredibly communicative and loving staff, impressive and thoughtful curriculum, the beautiful building and opportunities to meet other parents. Clara is thriving in this environment!

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