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Cupola Academy offers part-time, year-long programs for homeschoolers.


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Cupola Academy

Cupola Academy (CA) is a secular, nonprofit educational organization that provides a supportive community base for homeschooling families. CA offers full-day programs for young people ages 4-18 to attend 2 days a week in a collaborative and resource-rich environment. We nurture the innate intellectual curiosity of young people in a pro-social atmosphere.

At Cupola Academy, we embrace our responsibility of making the world a better place by providing a nourishing environment for changemakers. At the heart of all of our programs is our belief in natural curiosity, the value of collaboration, the importance of engaging in Real Work (vs. make work), and an emphasis on Process Consciousness.

Cupola Academy is designed for families who are seeking an intellectually rich atmosphere that promotes a growth mindset, encourages lifelong learning, and emphasizes social and environmental justice. These values are fostered in all of our programs.

For the 2021-22 year, Cupola Academy programs will take place at Riverbend Environmental Education Center in Gladwyne, PA

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