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Mister John’s Music, a boutique music school in Philadelphia, serves hundreds of families every week through their award-winning and highly-praised music education programs for babies, kids and adults.


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Mister John’s Music

Mister John’s Music, a boutique music school in Philadelphia, serves hundreds of families every week through their award-winning, highly-praised and ever-expanding music education programs for babies, kids and adults.


For Babies

Philadelphia’s favorite early childhood music classes boost brain functioning, motor skills and language development, while positive social-emotional dynamics and shared experience are the focus. With a huge variety of popular music, babies and caregivers are all active participants in the Mister John’s Music experience. Through music, rhythm and movement, infants and toddlers learn about self-expression, teamwork, sharing, and empathy. With regular features such as drag queen story time and interactive music videos, this is not your typical children’s programming. Each class is jam-packed with surprises for both adults and children, with underlying messages promoting creativity, inclusivity, and kindness, all delivered through a celebration of music.

For Kids

Mister John’s Music’s kids’ instrument classes are designed to make learning a musical instrument fun. From guitar to piano, your child learns in a supportive group environment with qualified, dedicated instructors. And they get to choose the music that they want to play. Using a combination of performance skills, music theory, and composing exercises, classes at the studio boosts your child’s confidence to perform in front of a group and participate in a team. After all, a band is a team!

For Adults

If you've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar/piano/ukulele/drums but didn’t know where to start, look no further than Mr. John’s adult group classes – supportive and low-pressure environments where you can build your musical skills and get comfortable performing for and playing with others. Classes are designed for people who want to make music as a hobby, rather than a profession, and want to have fun doing it.

Summer Camps

Mister John's Music is excited to give kids a chance to shine all summer for the third year in a row! Summer Camp at Mister John’s Music presents 9 uniquely-crafted weeks of jam-packed multi-disciplinary arts instruction for your 5 to 10-year-old. Your camper will be actively engaged in dynamic instrument instruction, show choir, creative visual arts, bangin’ percussion classes, and… what’s summer camp without getting outside and just playing like a maniac!?

And new for 2024, Rock Band Camp for the big kids! It’s time for a summer intensive for the rockstar instrumentalists. Whether you’re a guitarist, drummer, bassist, pianist, vocalist, etc., transform your talents over the course of a week and end it with a full-on concert! This camp is for 11-17 year-olds who are accomplished musicians who hunger to perform in a band. Over 4 different musically-themed weeks you'll develop a rep of songs through group work, individual instruction, and vocal training, and top it off with some music history and theory.

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    Mister John’s Music classes are the best part of our family’s week! He is not only extremely talented, but also intentional about the lessons and topics he so seamlessly weaves into each 45 minute class. My son has already learned so much from his experience with Mister John’s Music – sharing, caring, laughing, dancing, feeling your feelings, and being YOU! These are just some of the consistent themes of Mister John’s classes. He also always makes an effort to include parents and caregivers in each class, which makes the experience fun for everyone! I am learning each week as well which is not always the case for most early childhood classes. It is obvious Mister John loves what he does and has a true passion for teaching children of all ages. His knowledge of music, pure talent, and commitment to his work is admirable. Sign up for Mister John’s Music – you won’t regret it!

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