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Music Theatre Philly | Best Theater Program – 2022 LOVE Awards

MUSIC THEATRE PHILLY is a vibrant professional training ground for young artists in theatre and dance, and is dedicated to the instruction of the arts for children through adults.


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Music Theatre Philly | Best Theater Program – 2022 LOVE Awards

MUSIC THEATRE PHILLY  is a vibrant professional training ground for young artists in theatre and dance. Young performers can explore the performing arts through classes, productions and summer camp. Music Theatre Philly is perfect for young performers who just getting started, serious performers who are considering a career on stage and everyone in between! Located in the heart of Center City, MTP’s goal is to cultivate a creative, encouraging, and disciplined environment, while maintaining the integrity of Musical Theatre.


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2022 Philly Family LOVE Award Winner: Best Theater Program

Family Focus Media has been building community with Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family since 2010 and our annual LOVE Awards celebrate the BEST local resources for families, thanks to thousands of nominations like these:

As the executive director of Music Theatre Philly, I get to witness firsthand how our caring and creative staff support and teach every student at MTP. Our classes are fun, safe and dynamic. Our kids spend their time at MTP learning from talented professional artists and performers. We foster their love of the performing arts and introduce them to new musicals.

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Music Theatre Philly | Best Theater Program – 2022 LOVE Awards 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Davina D.

    It’s comforting to know MTP is aware of neurodiversity and is inclusive of children like him. In my experience, the teachers and staff at other programs he’s attended aren’t as informed. They don’t understand ADHD/ODD or how to engage him, and it winds up being a poor experience. MTP has been the only program where he seems to enjoy himself. He loves to sing and dance at home so it’s only natural that your classes would be appeal to him.

  • https://phillyfamily.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/PF_default_gravatar.png

    Jacqueline G.

    We cannot thank MTP enough for what it has done for our family. Over the past year, MTP has generously provided us with a two-for-one scholarship so that we could afford for our kids to attend classes. My children have blossomed under the care of their smart, supportive, and generous teachers and staff. My daughter has gained enough confidence in herself to both become more active in school and also had a solo in a MTP show. She’s not only speaking to teachers and friends, but did lines all by herself in front of an auditorium of strangers! My son has learned to channel his energy into song and movement, and recently earned one of the “best behaved” awards in his class from his first grade teacher. In addition to enriching their artistic lives and helping them moderate their behavior, I love MTP as a parent because I know that I can trust their staff to be dependable, alert, and always keep me updated on what is going on. Their positive attitude and genuine belief that every kid can shine makes our lives better.

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