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Building an Early Love of Learning and Community at The Baldwin School

Find out how Baldwin's Lower School can shape your daughter's path.

What makes a Baldwin girl?
Everyone has their own description. Eric Muhammad, whose daughter is now in second grade at The Baldwin School said, “for me, a Baldwin girl is a girl who’s assertive, a girl who knows what she wants, is confident, and decisive.”
His wife, Phanerrica, had more to add: “She’s also compassionate. Because I think it’s important to be confident and be sure of yourself, but also have empathy and be able to have compassion for other people.”

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Photographs courtesy of The Baldwin School. 


The Baldwin School is an independent day school that develops bright, talented girls in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 into confident, accomplished women with vision, global understanding, and the determination to make enduring contributions to the world. Baldwin combines the region’s premier college preparatory curriculum with distinguished arts, athletics, and community service programs.