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GIVEAWAY: Beach Days Made Easy with the Pop N’ Go Playpen

Enter to win this lightweight, portable playpen from The California Beach Co.

Going to the beach with kids can be stressful, especially with little ones that are on the move! How do I ensure my toddler doesn’t wander off without taking my eyes off them so that I can enjoy my time in the sand too? Enter the Pop N’ Go, the lightweight, portable playpen from The California Beach Co. I recently tried it and fell in love with it — here’s why you will too:


It’s lightweight

The Pop N’ Go weighs in at just over 7 lbs. and fits in a compact nylon bag that can be easily carried over your shoulder. Carrying gear can be cumbersome, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed wearing a backpack-style diaper bag and carrying the playpen together. The only downside was the playpen’s accessories don’t fit in the same bag as the playpen itself (mattress + mattress cover), but they are small enough to fit inside another tote bag.


It’s so easy to use

Seriously — so easy! Admittedly my husband and I had our doubts, but we had the playpen set up in less than 10 seconds! Just as the name suggests, all you have to do is pop the top of the playpen and you’re ready to go! No more struggling and wasting time setting up gear (and getting incredibly frustrated doing so), meaning you can start your trip without stress and enjoy more time with your family. Putting the Pop N’ Go away is just as easy — I was able to disassemble the playpen and slide it back into its nylon sleeve within a couple of minutes! We also opted for a mattress for our Pop N’ Go and were equally impressed with how easily and quickly it self-inflated. 



It’s versatile

Bring it to the beach, to the park for a picnic, or use it indoors as an extra playspace or place to nap while traveling — the design of the Pop N’ Go lets you use it virtually anywhere. The playpen also has a removable cover that doubles as added shade and UV protection for your little one on sunny days. 

It’s a touch of luxury at an affordable price point

The words “luxury” and “toddler” should inherently never go together (because what toddler doesn’t get into everything?), but in this case it works. The Pop N’ Go’s soft (and washable!) mattress covers come in an array of beautiful gender-neutral patterns, adding a touch of chic and luxury to the playpen. Added bonus: the spacious design of the Pop N’ Go allows for multiple children to play inside!


Our kids love it, and yours will too!

Most playpens only have an opening at the top, meaning parents have to pick up their kiddo to place them inside. The Pop N’ Go has a zippered opening on the side, which is a game changer; I left it open and let my younger kiddo come and go as he pleased, and he loved every moment of it! What made the side opening extra special was that it transformed the playpen into a personal hangout for my little guy and his older brother — I would find them inside happily playing or reading a book together. My kids are 1.5 and 7 years old, so anything they like and use on their own (without convincing or begging) is a huge win in my book! My husband and I also loved the distinct shape and color of the Pop N Go makes it distinguishable in a sea of umbrellas and other tents set up along the beach, making it easy to find if our kiddos wandered away.


Enter here to win a Pop N’ Go playpen!



Photographs and review by Kristen Micucci.

  • Angela Malinowski July 9, 2021

    This looks awesome and would be great for my second baby due in February.