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LIVE: Discover Stem Cell Therapy Benefits with the Art of Pain Management Philadelphia

Philadelphia Family Founder & CEO, Sarah Bond introduces you to The Art of Pain Management with this LIVE video.

“We were practicing sick medicine, now we are practicing well medicine.”



Watch this video to hear from Dr. Jarrad Teller about the incredible work and results that The Art of Pain Management has produced with stem cell therapy and other cutting edge treatments at their Philadelphia office. You’ll also hear from Jerry Penders, Patient Care Advocate and Educator at The Art of Pain Management. Then, we’ll take you on a tour of their Philadelphia office and learn all about their specialized approach to regenerative medicine.


Learn the science behind what they do, who makes a good candidate for these types of treatment, and how their work has changed lives for their patients. Dr. Teller explains the types of health issues that have been improved with his treatments, beyond pain management, as well, from chronic illness to preventative care.


And stick around at the end for a special offer for our readers!


To learn more about The Art of Pain Management, read our story about their work, or visit their website at stemcellsphiladelphia.com.

Dr. Jarrad Teller and Dr. Michael Schina tell us about how their practice revolutionized regenerative medicine treatments and improved the quality of life for so many people.

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