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Pack Your Patience: Planning a Multi-Generational Family Vacation

Hitting the open road with kids and grandparents in tow is an entertaining way to spend your next holiday.

For the last several years, we have enjoyed family vacations throughout the Eastern seaboard, and one thing has remained the same, the cast of characters that join me on my travel journeys.

With grandparents, kids, spouses, and sometimes my siblings, we have traveled on road trips through Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to a cabin on the Suwannee River in Florida, to Universal Studios and Walt Disney World theme parks, to a golf resort along Clearwater Beach, and to the southernmost tip of the Unites States, in Key West, Florida.




Our travels have literally been by plane, train, and automobile, and jaunts on a boat have been thrown in to cover all transportation avenues.

Embarking on a multi-generational vacation is not for the faint of heart, as trials and tribulations are encountered, and the phrase “patience is a virtue”, has played in my head on a constant loop.

However, it is so always so nice celebrating the journey along the way, recognizing the memories that have been made, hearing the laughter around the dinner or breakfast table, and hearing stories being shared of my own parents’ childhood memories. All of that makes it well worth the extra planning involved, the extra time encountered, and the occasional need to bite my tongue in certain circumstances, and grab the bottle of wine and make a quick exit.

Today, we find ourselves in a fast paced world.  The expectation is that servicing our needs happens in the snap of a finger. This seems to be the norm, rather than the exception, and taking the time to slow down, just doesn’t enter the equation.

I challenge you to put forth the effort, slow down the pace, embrace the slower journey, and travel with your family; grandparents and all. Whether it be a beach trip or a European adventure, or a train you’ll find something for everyone to fill your days.

Pack your patience and humor, don’t overbook your days, try different activities, and if your parents want to watch M*A*S*H, or the Golden Girls, pull up a seat and share in the laughter.


We are all only here for a visit, and the days are long, but the years are short. Fill up your camera phone with pictures of your family and pictures of your destinations, and fill up your heart with love, laughter, and gratitude that you can share one week or two, out of the year, with those who fill your world with color and smiles.

Feel free to connect with me to chat about your first, or next multi-generational getaway.

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