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Cella & Flo: Combining Beauty and Function, Because Life Isn’t Either Or

Local mom creates a clothing line perfect for new moms- and now with matching outfits for kids, too!

You gain the world when you become a mom. You spend months preparing for your baby. You’ve researched everything from sleep schedules, to feeding, to parenting methods, to developmentally appropriate toys, to safety products. You’ve got everything you need for your baby in a perfectly decorated nursery. You are ready.


The baby is born and you emerge from that 4th trimester a new person. Your life takes on a new meaning. Your job, while still important, doesn’t have your heart like your baby does. Your body doesn’t bounce back the way you thought it would, the way the media told you it would. You didn’t realize you’d always have a bit of spit up on your shoulder. You never imagined that there would be a day when you could forget to shower or eat. Dry shampoo, yoga pants, and foods you can eat with one hand are your new normal. You’re so in love you don’t even notice these changes…


Until you have to get back to work. You realize what you don’t have is anything decent to wear. Your clothes don’t fit the same, and more importantly, you don’t have a decent outfit that you can pump in without feeling completely naked. You’re finally ready to leave  your house for a couple of hours – maybe to have brunch with your girlfriends, or to have date night – but your  favorite outfit just doesn’t feel or look the same.


This is just what Lauren, the founder of Cella & Flo, was going through 4 years ago, after the birth of her daughters for whom the  company is named. Ready to get back to work as an attorney, she found her wardrobe to be lacking. Clothes didn’t fit her new body in the same way. The nursing-friendly clothes she found lacked style or felt frumpy. She struggled to find clothes that were easy to wear and easy to care for. Clothes that made her feel beautiful, confident,  and accommodated her new life as a mom.


Lauren stopped looking and made it her mission to create clothes that would free women from having to choose between comfort,  style, and function. She founded Cella & Flo, a company dedicated to providing all moms with beautiful and functional clothing.  Clothes that fit and flatter, both the new lifestyle of a mom, and the woman she is. Her clothes are elegant, yet practical. They are easy to care for and flattering. They reflect the beauty and unpredictableness that comes with having a family.


Lauren has since gone on to expand Cella & Flo with a children’s line and clothing for women who aren’t nursing. These styles remain high quality, easy to care for, and comfortable. So kids can be kids and moms can go about their lives. There’s even a mommy and me line! And of course, she now has a collection of beautiful masks. Enter our giveaway for a Mommy & Me set from Cella & Flo!

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