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Getting Ready for Preschool Can Be Overwhelming, Kidology Can Help!

Kidology is dedicated to helping children reach their developmental milestones.

Male toddler doing art at a preschool table.

For families looking to prepare their children for preschool, Kidology and Kidology Playspace offer valuable assistance in ensuring that children are comfortable separating from their parents and excited about new environments. The center is dedicated to helping families learn and implement these essential practices.


One crucial aspect is exposing children to different caregivers early on. Encouraging grandparents, trusted friends, or daycare providers to spend time with the child fosters trust in other adults and helps build confidence in various environments, both with and without parental presence. While some separation anxiety is normal and indicates attachment, exposure to different caregivers teaches children to adapt and trust beyond their immediate family circle.


Learning to follow directions from adults other than parents is pivotal. Teaching children to respect authority figures sets a foundation for listening and compliance, essential skills for navigating school life. Kidology emphasizes this aspect, helping children understand and follow instructions, laying the groundwork for their academic journey.


science experiment set up in a preschool classroom.


Another important skill is participating in group activities, such as Circle Time. Practicing sitting attentively, listening, and engaging in conversations prepares children for structured learning environments. Reading aloud and discussing daily activities with children at home helps reinforce these skills, expanding their vocabulary and communication abilities.


Additionally, children benefit from learning to interact with peers in small groups. Parallel play evolves into cooperative play, where children learn to share, take turns, and problem-solve together. Parents can facilitate this by arranging playdates with similarly aged children, providing opportunities for social development and creativity.


Respect for others and empathy are fundamental social skills. Modeling respectful behavior and teaching children to express and manage emotions positively contribute to their overall social-emotional development. Kidology emphasizes the importance of setting consistent boundaries and fostering empathy to cultivate strong interpersonal relationships.


Furthermore, incorporating learning opportunities into everyday experiences enhances children’s cognitive development. Encouraging curiosity and discussing observations, such as spotting a bird, promotes language acquisition and critical thinking skills.


For children who may need additional support in developing these skills, Kidology offers evaluations and resources to help them prepare for preschool. Families can schedule appointments or access more tips on the center’s website. With open play sessions available throughout the week, Kidology welcomes families to visit and explore the services offered.”


For inquiries or appointments, individuals can contact Kidology at 215-330-4116 or visit their website at kidologyinc.com.


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Located in Northeast Philadelphia and Huntingdon Valley, Kidology, Inc. provides educational services in special needs and tutoring capacities. They offer therapies and instructional sessions for a wide range of developmental delays, including fine motor, speech, feeding and mobility issues. Kidology is happy to help your children reach their milestones. Contact them today!