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¡Bienvenidos a Mi Casita!

This Spanish immersion preschool is a truly unique and enriching learning environment for the littlest Philadelphians.

The fastest and most effective way to achieve fluency in a language is through immersion, which provides students with full Spanish language instruction. It is not required for students to speak Spanish or have a Spanish background prior to enrolling, but they will learn quickly at Mi Casita Preschool in Philadelphia.

Mi Casita uses the Creative Curriculum, in which monthly units, or themes, of study inspire authentic learning in areas such as STEM, art, music, problem-solving, and more. Parents are given general theme information and target vocabulary for each theme so that conversations about what is happening at school can be encouraged at home, in English or Spanish. Teachers become facilitators and nurturers as students continue to investigate real life experiences throughout the thematic unit. By the end of the unit, students have created a tangible, meaningful product to be share with their community.

Enrolling ages 1 to 4 years old (if they’re 12 months or over and confidently walking, they can attend)!

Photograph provided by Mi Casita.

Mi Casita is a Spanish immersion preschool located in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. Through authentic cultural experiences, activities, crafts, reading, games, and more, Mi Casita educates students through fun and engaging activities.