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Family-Friendly Picks for Philly Theatre Week

Philly Theatre Week returns (mostly) virtually on April 22!

Stages across the country have been empty for over a year, but Philly Theatre Week is planning its triumphant (and largely virtual) return from April 22 to May 2. Over the 11-day festival, performances from around the region can be viewed online—with ticket prices ranging from “pay what you can” to $30.


“After the struggles our artistic community has endured over the last 12 months, this event means more than ever, as it’s the first big step to seeing artists back at work, audiences fill seats and curtains rise again,” said Theatre Philadelphia’s new Executive Director LaNeshe Miller-White. “We brought it back to give our community hope and show that better days are ahead – and that our industry needs positive news and momentum to get through these next few months as we sort out what theatre looks like the fall and next season – and what it looks like for years to come.”


All told, the festival will feature 72 virtual and in-person events, spread across the region. With so much to choose from, we’re here to break down your best bets if you’re looking to enjoy the week with kids. Places, everyone!

Art Houses

April 24, 7:30

Pay What You Can


In this very unique concept, professional artists from Theatre Horizon were paired with local area households to create an evening of original theater. The performance will expand on the concept of family in the era of quarantine, and explore the sensational moments that can be found within the familiar every day. The livestreamed performance will be followed by a “talk back.” Pay what you can; click “Buy Tickets” to reserve your spot and get the link to watch live.

Stone Soup

April 22—May 2 (pre-recorded)

Pay What You Can


Presented by Acting Without Boundaries (AWB Junior), this new musical adaptation of the classic folktale is set in Philly! Instead of hungry townspeople, meet two hungry tourists learning to about the city (and the correct way to order a cheesesteak). Pay what you can; click “Buy Tickets” to RSVP, and you will be contacted directly by Acting Without Boundaries with streaming access information once Philly Theatre Week kicks off.

Ants on a Log: Curious

April 22—May 2 (pre-recorded)

Pay What You Can


Courtesy of Ants on a Log 

With sock puppets, drawings, stop motion video, and an original soundtrack by kindie darlings Ants on a Log, “Curious: Think Outside the Pipeline!” is inspired by the current youth-led climate change movement. In the 40-minute film, two siblings organize their neighbors to fight for clean air, and learn about standing up for what they believe in. Pay what you can; click “Buy Tickets” to reserve your ticket, and receive a link to access the performance in your confirmation email.

ComedySportz Live Improv

April 24 and May 1, 7:30 pm



In ComedySportz two teams of improvisers battle each other for points and laughs; and through the interactive chat, you’re involved in the fun at home—you get to make suggestions, award points, and choose the winner! This improv show is always different and always high-energy. Click “Buy Tickets” to make a reservation and pick your timeslot.

THICKETT / Quest 2

April 30, 8:30 pm; and May 1, 2:30 pm

Pay What You Can


Dive into a digital adventure with live actors, hidden mysteries, fantasy, and more! THICKETT is an live event that will take your family on an interactive and immersive quest of corporate espionage and fairy tales. Pay what you can; click “Buy Tickets” to reserve your desired timeslot and get a link to access the performance.


Courtesy of Theatre Exile

Zoo Motel

April 22—May 2 (matinees offered on April 25 and May 2)



This virtual odyssey combines interactive live theater, gripping storytelling, cinematic illusions, and magic all in one creative hour of surprises! $30 per household; once your order has been placed, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your order details, “room key,” Zoom link to access the performance, and some additional details needed for checking in.

‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ by Yes! And…Collaborative Arts

Access between April 24, 7 pm—April 25, 7 pm (pre-recorded)

Pay What You Can


For 14 seasons, Yes! And…Collaborative Arts has produced a live original musical as part of their “Winter Sort of Thing” program with a group of young people ages 10-18. This year, it took the form of a multi-medium musical, mythical movie created by the cast and a team of visual and film artists of all ages. It is returning for one night only, so if you missed out, be sure to catch it this time! Pay what you can; tickets are available online for a 24-hour streaming window beginning on April 24 at 7 pm.


Courtesy of Yes! And…Collaborative Arts


In The Moment

Access between April 30, 7 pm—May 2, 7 pm (pre-recorded)

Pay What You Can


Also created by Yes! And…Collaborative Arts, this piece skews older and displays what life like for our teenagers at this unique and isolating moment in time. See the pandemic through the eyes of some teens for their take on the issues that are affecting them: anxiety over all the unknowns of their future, the overwhelm of information, the loneliness and isolation in quarantine; mourning the loss of major milestones in their lives….all while experiencing “normal” parts of being a teenager. This piece originally aired as a five-part series and is returning for two-day access. Pay what you can; register online for your ticket and link to view the recording.

Leaves from the Garden

April 24, 8 pm; and April 25, 2 pm



Drawing stories from world-renowned Jewish storyteller Howard Schwartz, Leaves from the Garden takes you around the world to encounter witches, demons, haunted trees, a magical oud, and wise Rabbis in eight classic folktales. These visually engaging Zoom performances are best for ages 12 and older. Tickets are $15 per household; pre-register to choose your desired performance time.



Lead photograph courtesy of Theatre Horizon.


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