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Building STEM Skills with Snapology

While kids are having fun building robots, they're also building important educational and life skills.

It is great to be able to encourage any of your child’s interests–whether in the arts, chess, cooking, sports, or even some combination of these (and others) can lead to a well rounded and happy child.


If your child has an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects, a fun way to encourage that interest is through LEGO Robotics classes. In our modern world, the earlier kids start to get involved with STEM education, the better. Snapology offers a wide range of LEGO Robotics classes that explore not only different types of robots, but also dive into the engineering and thought processes behind them. Through LEGO robotics, kids of all ages are introduced to engineering, mathematics, and robotics principles. They are also given the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and they learn the principles of pseudo-coding, coding, robotics and engineering.

Snapology provides STEM educational programs for children ages 4-12, and our programs are designed to combine fun with education. In our classes and camps we use LEGO and DUPLO bricks, as well as other educational tools to teach children development skills and scientific concepts. The children have so much fun while learning through play that they do not realize how much they are actually learning. Through play, children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.


Our classes have been offered in public, private, and parochial schools, and more. While our classes have been offered in a wide range of neighborhoods and in very diverse communities, all of the kids do the same projects and in every class the kids are having fun – but don’t tell them it’s educational! Children who attend Snapology programs have an increased desire to do well in school, and an increased interest in pursuing STEM fields.


In addition to after school classes, Snapology also offers great birthday parties and summer enrichment camps. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing Snapology to your child’s school or preschool, or if you want more information about our awesome birthday party themes.



Photographs provided by Snapology.

Snapology provides fun, hands-on learning experiences for students in grades pre-K-8th grade. From Robotics to Engineering to Video Game Design to Animation, there’s something for everyone. Choose from dozens of popular topics and themes. We use LEGO bricks, K’Nex, and technology to make learning fun.