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St. Peter’s School: The Journey

Between the bookends of Preschool and the Eighth Grade, St. Peter’s School honors the richness of childhood.

What does it mean to honor the richness of childhood? At St. Peter’s School, it means providing the space for children, as young as three years old and those entering into early adolescence, to be known, nurtured, and celebrated for who they are.


The journey of self-discovery begins in the Early Childhood Division as the youngest students learn fundamental skills of being a positive member of their community, such as compassion, perseverance, kindness, respect, all in a safe and supportive environment.


St. Peter’s School students are known so well by so many, including teachers, administrators and their peers, they therefore feel safe to explore who they are, and who they want to become, often trying on many different “hats” in the process. Through the intentional design of the program, including how students engage with their teachers and their peers, St. Peter’s celebrates the individuality of each child, supporting their social emotional development and their overall well being.


“The intimacy that comes from the small class sizes at every age, leads to a true and deep knowledge that the teachers and staff have of our young children, the value of which can not be understated.” explains a parent of three SPS Alumni.



By the time SPS students arrive in the Eighth Grade, they eagerly embrace leadership opportunities, delve deeply into thinking critically as students, and respectfully demonstrate their skills to self-advocate. With the younger students looking up to them and having earned the respect of faculty and administrators, the Eighth Grade student leaders have grown into generous and committed members of the SPS community, the seeds of which were planted and nurtured back in those Early Childhood Division days.


“Children don’t feel pressured to grow up too quickly,” notes another SPS Alumni Parent, adding, “but at the same time, they are given the tools, guidance, and support to grow into young adolescents who have a strong sense of self, understand the importance of good character, and are less affected by social pressures they may encounter down the road.”


With high school in their sights, SPS Eighth Graders are well-prepared for the academic demands of the next chapter in life and are eager to find their niche in the Secondary School of their choosing. And before they turn the final page on their SPS journey, students can look back at the three-, four-, and five-year-olds and think….”I remember when I was that age.”



Between the bookends of Preschool and the Eighth Grade, St. Peter’s School honors the richness of childhood by giving students the space to be known, the opportunity to find their voice, and the courage to blaze their own unique path forward.



St. Peter’s School supports the Philadelphia Family Community.

St. Peter’s School is an inclusive community of engaged learners and dedicated teachers, nestled in the Historic Philadelphia neighborhood of Society Hill, educating students to be kind, generous, and committed citizens of the world since 1834. www.st-peters-school.org