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Clementine Montessori: Built By Families, For Families

Find out what happens when families with a common goal come together to create their dream preschool at Clementine Montessori.

Clementine Montessori was founded in 2010 by a small group of families with a common dream. Together, they built the foundation for a Montessori school steeped in a strong sense of community- a place where students, families and friends alike can feel welcomed, safe, supported, and inspired; a place to call home.

 A Classroom with Core Values

At Clementine, the sense of family is carried over into every classroom, where children are gathered together in mixed age groups and remain in the same class for several years. Much like a real family with unique and varying levels of skills, children learn to respect the individuality of their peers, and to understand that they all learn at their own pace.

On any given day, older children can be seen giving lessons on works they have mastered to their younger classmates and guiding them in the ways to care for their learning environment. Creating these varied social communities helps foster a child’s ability to celebrate the individuality of not only their peers, but people of all ages.

Clementine creates opportunities for family members to enter the classroom and witness this bond first hand with special events like Muffins Morning and Grandfriends Day, where children guide their loved ones through their classrooms.

Cultivating Community

The Clementine staff, student body, and community reflect the beautiful diversity of the city they call home. Throughout the year, they gather together for joyful events that have grown to be treasured family traditions. These events, which range from picnics to seasonal celebrations and festivals, offer families the opportunity to strengthen bonds, share their hopes and dreams for their children, and truly cultivate a sense of connection.

Hosted by the Head of School, Coffee Chats are morning gatherings for parents and caretakers to mingle after dropping off their children; it is a wonderful way to get to know one another over a warm beverage and snack in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. International Children’s Day is a festival that celebrates the seven continents and offers families a chance to engage with and enjoy worldly food, crafts and activities, and entertainment. The Winter Sing-Along brings with it all the warmth and cheer of the season, uniting the community in festive song.

Enrolling at Clementine means so much more than sending a child to a Montessori school; it means being welcomed as a family into a community that supports one another, learns from each other, and forms lasting bonds well beyond their time at school.

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Clementine offers a true Montessori toddler, preschool and kindergarten program for children from 18 months to 6 years of age, in a custom created Montessori space located in Center City Philadelphia. Much like children themselves, every school has its own unique personality. Tucked away from the busyness of big city life, Clementine Montessori students explore the world at their own pace and with their own purpose. The incredible Montessori teachers guide children to observe, discover, and question. In this child-centered community, parents are partners in their child’s education.