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Get to Know WePAC: Bringing Philadelphia’s Public School Libraries Back One Donation at a Time

Public school libraries should never be taken for granted. WePAC works to bring libraries back to our kids and bring kids back to the joys of reading.

Remember weekly visits to your elementary school library? Sitting on the carpet amongst shelves of books while your school librarian read a story that held you and your classmates in thrall? Then the best part: the moments wandering among the stacks, selecting books of your own choosing to check out and take home and get lost in. 

Those library visits that helped you discover the excitement of reading, learning, exploration, and narrative are unavailable to 95% of our public schools in Philadelphia. Lacking a functioning library, or staff to run them, most Philly public school libraries remain closed, and our children are missing the chance to excel, to grow passionate about reading, and to interact with their own imaginations.

Photo of volunteer library reading session courtesy of WePAC

Since 2009, WePAC (West Philadelphia Alliance for Children) has been working its mission to promote childhood literacy, through reopening libraries and initiating academic mentorship programs. Volunteers, donations, and hard work through WePAC, on behalf of every child who deserves to read to her heart’s content, means that 14 previously closed libraries are open and running this school year. WePAC is the only nonprofit in Philadelphia systematically working to open closed school libraries. 

Learn more about how to join the WePAC initiative through volunteering of time, donation of funds, creating fund drives, donating books, and more at wepac.org

Photo of student thank you note courtesy of WePAC


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