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Holiday Gift To Inspire Young Innovators: “If Not You, Then Who?” Book Series

‘Tis the season – to inspire imagination and creativity for your child!

David and Emberli Pridham are on a mission – to introduce children to the fascinating world of inventors and inventions – all the while helping to encourage their own creativity. If Not You, Then Who? is the Pridham’s critically-acclaimed book series that showcases how Inventions and Inventors are everywhere – and how some of our most enduring inventions were actually created by accident! 

Each of the If Not You, Then Who? book titles books feature 9-year-old Brooke Fairley and her 7-year-old brother Noah as they apply their vivid imaginations to create their own inventions, all the while exploring how Inventors solve everyday problems. And just in time for the holiday season, the Pridhams launch their all-new If Not You, Then Who? Christmas book where Brooke sets out to invent a very special gift for her grandpa taken from the days of his youth.

If Not You Important Life Lessons

The If Not You books share how inventors excel at identifying and framing problems. They help young readers understand how they see problems from many different angles and perspectives. Inventors enlist the help and perspective of others, underscoring the value of teamwork. They make prototypes from readily available materials and they find the best ways to communicate their inventions to the world.

As children read the If Not You books, they will discover why they should aspire to invent. They will discover how inventors take note of the problems people face in their daily lives – and help solve them through creativity and innovation. 

Through their extraordinary If Not You, Then Who? book series, the Pridham’s unveil ways in which children can embark on a journey of invention – and work to help build a better world. The If Not You, Then Who? books are specially priced for the holidays at $75 which includes the Deluxe Bundle (Retail Value of $95.95) plus the BONUS Christmas Book ($19.95 Value).

Give the gift of imagination and creativity to your children this holiday season at ifnotyoubooks.com!

The “If Not You, Then Who?” book series aims to teach children about inventions and patents in everyday life, inspiring them to create their own.