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Objections to Baby-Proofing? Helpful Advice from Safer Babies

Safety is top priority with babies and young children in the house, learn why calling in the professionals is the right idea!

This August, Safer Babies is gearing up to celebrate 24 years of babyproofing in Philadelphia and the suburbs.  Looking back on trends, so many great things are consistent: thoughtful parents and grandparents, adorable, adventurous little ones, ever-improving safety products and standards, creative solutions, and much love and concern. One trend that is much less consistent in this modern parenting era, but always pops up at times: objections! 


Childproofing objections are great opportunities to connect and empower families as they decide what’s best for their babies and homes. 


Common Objections to Baby-proofing 


Some object to the expense of baby-proofing products and/or hiring a professional to install them.  As with any expense, finding extra room in the budget can be challenging.  But, safety is always a great investment.  Professional Babyproofing gives parents great tangible value by efficiently providing and implementing safety options that are the best in quality, durability and workmanship. There’s also an intangible value to baby-proofing: peace of mind from knowing best practice efforts have been made to avoid common home dangers and injuries.



Some babyproofing measures might be perceived be as visually unappealing or clashing with the overall design of a home.  It’s important that your home feels like home to you and yours.  The professionals at Safer Babies are able to recommend which tested and approved products blend better with your décor. They can also suggest which areas are highest priority and offer options like custom painted gate brackets. Prioritizing safety over appearance when children are young and at their most vulnerable is always a win in the long term. 


Some say that excessive babyproofing may hinder a child’s natural development, and that allowing risk can help children develop important skills and judgment.  Creating specific safe every-day space for a little one to explore and enjoy -free from constantly hearing “no” in regards to what they can touch or where they can go will empower the child to safely grow mentally, emotionally, and physically.  There will be plenty of time as your child grows up to learn about risk. Babyproofing puts the learning process of some goals (like safe stair climbing) into the parents hands, to be taught when they have the patience and focus to teach.


False Sense of Security

You may think that babyproofing measures can give parents a false sense of security, leading them to become less attentive. It is always important to remember that no amount of babyproofing can replace proper supervision. Life is unpredictable! Caregivers are human – even the most attentive parent has moments in which their attention is drawn to something else.  Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Babyproofing offers a layer of security to ensure that in those little moments, your child won’t encounter big dangers. 


“I Can Do That Myself” Mentality

The priority is that parents give their child a safe space, not that they have to do it themselves. Sure, there are some measures that can be a simple DIY project but for the big jobs we advise letting the professionals take the reigns. Safer Babies trusted resource, at the ready to help.  


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