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Philadelphia Pet Daycare and Boarding Options

Doggy daycare and boarding centers offer valuable solutions for pet owners who work long hours, providing social interaction and physical activity crucial for their dogs' well-being.

Doggy daycare and boarding centers can be  valuable resources for pet owners. If you work longer hours than your dog can remain home alone for, then daycare is one possible solution if you aren’t interested in having a pet sitter come to your home. Having a place where your pet has spent some time for daycare makes for a great segue way to boarding while you are on vacation, or have other longer term pet care needs.

Dogs are social animals and benefit from interacting with other dogs. Doggy daycare provides a controlled environment where dogs can play and socialize, which can help prevent behavioral issues related to isolation. Regular physical activity is crucial for a dog’s health. Doggy daycare offers a space where dogs can run, play, and engage in activities that keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated.

Doggy daycare provides a comprehensive solution for pet owners looking to ensure their dogs are happy, healthy, and well-cared for while they are away.



1715 McKean Street, Philadelphia & 4805 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia

With locations in South and West Philadelphia, BarkPark offers structured daycare and cozy boarding ensure tailored experiences for every dog, accommodating all play styles. Separating pups by temperament, compatibility is fostered during play sessions. BarkPark also offers a range of enrichment activities, including frozen Kongs and snuffle mats, to keep time there engaging and enjoyable. A personalized report card at day’s end reassures owners of their pet’s happiness. 


Central Bark Philadelphia

2501 Wharton Street, Suite F, Philadelphia

Central Bark’s founders were among the pioneers of doggy daycare over 20 years ago. Their mission is still the same: to nurture, enrich, and inspire whole health, happiness, and unconditional love for each dog, family, and community they serve. They offer an array of services including: enrichment dog day care, grooming, boarding, curated products, training, and insurance.


K9 Resorts

1149 Marlkress Road, Cherry Hill

K9 Resorts offers premier dog boarding options, including traditional boarding, executive rooms, luxury suites, and top-tier doggy daycare services. With over 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas, pets enjoy plenty of space to play and relax, complemented by outdoor yards with antimicrobial turf. Their advanced ventilation system ensures clean air, while premium dog beds provide comfort during their stay. Recognized for their exceptional care and modern amenities, K9 Resorts is the favored destination for pet owners who prioritize quality.


Little White Dog Daycare

90 Rochelle Avenue, Philadelphia

Offering half and full day options, Little White Dog has staff that are trained in an ongoing manner for handling, signs, dog expressions, and body language. They have over 6,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas, a cage free play environment, and small individualized playgroups/enrichment programs. Dogs must have a one-time behavior evaluation prior to their first day (same day) so that each dog can be placed in the right playgroup according to their temperament.


Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas

 7401 Holstein Avenue, Philadelphia

Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas offers premier pet pampering services with a 10 to 1 minimum guest to staff ratio and 24/7 availability. Their state-of-the-art facilities include two heated/cooled play arenas and eight spacious play yards across five acres. With two 7-10 minute one-on-one walks included in the room rate and top-tier doggy daycare, pets receive personalized care and stimulation. Conveniently located just five minutes from Philadelphia International Airport, they ensure a stress-free experience for pets and owners.


Pit Stop HQ

838 Christian Street, Philadelphia

In the heart of South Philly, Pit Stop HQ offers accommodations for every furry guest. From cozy (cage-free) traditional boarding to doggy daycare, there’s a spot for every pet’s comfort. With spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, pups can play safely, staying active and social. Prior to boarding, a meet and greet session is required, along with three daycare visits to ensure a smooth transition for your pet. 


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