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Seasonal Sessions: Capture Your Coziest Family Moments with Abbe Foreman

Style and shoot your winter season with fashion-forward family photographer Abbe Foreman. Book by December 22nd for 10% off of any package!

What is the cold weather for but snuggling in with the kids and getting cozy? Hot chocolate by the fire, family movie night under a giant shared blanket, games, guests, and goodies are what make the frigid days of winter bearable and memorable. Capture it all on film with a family photo session styled and shot by Abbe Foreman. While outdoor photo shoots have their appeal in better weather, the homey holiday feel of a winter shoot is one of Abbe’s favorites. Indoor settings like the Nianda family’s home seen here make the perfect scape no matter the weather. With your home looking extra special and sparkly with holiday decor, it’s the perfect setting to make  your memories last for all seasons. 

Never afraid to get creative, one of Abbe’s suggested ways to film family love is a multi-generational session full of activities that show your family in the full swing of memory-making. An inspired option for holiday time? Imagine your littles caught on film baking cookies with the grandparents, putting together a train set, or helping to prepare a time-honored family recipe.

Abbe’s sense of occasion and expertise in portraiture along with photographing engagements, weddings, and maternity, means Abbe knows how to capture expression, body language, and intimacy, allowing your family’s true character to shine through.

“You see the emotion in the pictures,” says Abbe.

Abbe’s style has been described as vibrant and authentic. This applies to her finished photographs and to her approach to styling a session. Abbe’s start in fashion photography, with credentials at Philadelphia Style, InStyle, and Vogue, mean you’ll never have to worry about looking or feeling awkward during a shoot. Abbe lends her styling skills to every aspect of your session, even sending a detailed style guide in advance that includes suggested colors, clothing types, and even what not to wear. You’ll never struggle with what will look best on camera, and Abbe’s guidance and coaching shows in the results.

“I do pose people,” says Abbe, “but my biggest thing is getting that genuine smile that doesn’t come from strict posing.”  While she will take some traditional posed photos, the photos that really show who a family is come from the more playful and relaxed approach that is Abbe’s signature. This is what lets her subjects open up and feel comfortable enough for the greatest captures.

“Everyone loves the way they look in their photos!” says Abbe. And speaking of “look” if you’ve tried to gather your group for a family photo, you already know how challenging it can be to get everyone, especially children excited about the holidays, looking at the camera, smiling, and relaxed, all at once.

“Families will email me and say ‘I can’t believe you got my kid to pose,’” says Abbe, “but I’m also acting like an idiot with a monkey hat!” She’s not shy about using what she calls a kid wrangler belt packed with everything from squeaker toys to silly hats, and the results speak for themselves.

Book now to capture your coziest and best family moments with Abbe. From very polished to relaxed and casual, Abbe will catch the images that show your family as it truly is. With so many returning clients, the shift from photographing fashion to families has ultimately been a rewarding one.

“You watch them grow,” says Abbe. “It’s so heart-warming. My ‘why’ is just happiness.”

Photographs of the Nianda family by Abbe Foreman. This sponsored story by Laura Swartz and Karen Barbuscia supports the Philly Family Community. 

Abbe Foreman is a Pennsylvania wedding and portrait photographer based in the suburbs of Philadelphia whose style is is authentic, vibrant, light, airy.