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Stress Relief: 5 Things to Try Today

Let's talk stress relief. Dr. Brandie Nemchenko, founder of Experience Chiropractic, has some tips on how to decompress.

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In my last article, I talked about different kinds of stress and how each affects your body.  Now that we know the food and emotional stressors that cause that physical pain in the neck, back or that belly bloat, weight gain, let’s talk about how we reduce stress in our lives — and, ultimately, our bodies!

Try some of these quick, stress-relieving tips to better navigate this ever-changing thing we call life!

Stress Relief: Top 5 Ways to Mitigate Stress

Refine Your Diet! 

You’ll be amazed at how a few small changes to your diet can impact your stress level. My go-to? A whole food diet cutting out common irritants: sugar, dairy, corn, artificial sweeteners and gluten.

Mind you, there is no “decreasing” gluten. It’s an all-or-nothing proposition. Gluten is in much of what we put in our bodies. And if you are sensitive (or allergic), it’s doesn’t take much to wreak havoc on your body.

Don’t worry! You can keep potatoes, sweet potatoes, and gluten-free oats! Steer clear of “fake foods” like gluten-free cookies and junk food. Whole ingredient foods only!

Try this approach: Introduce, wait three days, and record how you feel!

Let it Go!

People are like trash compactors. We stuff things down and down and down until they explode! And it’s messy. Take time to release that pressure. 

Like massages? Get one! Beautiful outside? Go for a walk. Mad? Go punch a bag. Get that energy out!

Stuffing it down with food or numbing your brain with mindless TV (my favorite is People’s Court)? You’re letting the bad feelings hang around!

Put it on Paper  

Use a journal. I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferris, of The Four-Hour Workweek. He advocates waking up, dumping his brain, and leaving it on the page.

Another great practice? Get a large piece of paper and split it in half. On one side, write out the things that you can work on, and on the other, write out the things that you can’t control and need to let go. And feel the weight being lifted!

Get Moving!

Find something you love. You’ll never regret a great workout or taking the time to move your body! Take a walk during lunch. Every time you finish a task, project — get up, move, stretch, and keep the blood flowing throughout your body!

Prioritize Self-Care

Indulge in self-care and things that are good for you!

Are you anxious? I find that is the best time to clean out my house. Or get up a half hour early to take a walk or exercise. Treat yourself to that Beautycounter mask you bought from your friend! Listen to beautiful music or create a playlist of your high school jams that make you feel like a bawse!

If these don’t work and you need more help, head to the Main Line Parent Community for local resources on how to cope with the stresses of life!


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Dr. Brandie Nemchenko, DC, is Owner/President of Experience Chiropractic in Wayne, a chiropractic clinic offering top quality chiropractic and rehabilitative services to patients in the Delaware Valley.  Dr. Brandie specializes in the treatment of children and pregnant women, including the Webster technique, and holds a specialized certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).  

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