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AIM Academy Students Make International Connections with Global Portal

This year the Portal will stay for the fall, and will be used not just by Global Scholars, but will be integrated into everything from foreign language courses to geography, history, math, and beyond.

An independent, college-prep school for first through 12th grade students with language-based learning differences, AIM Academy provides an education that is both individualized and evidence-based. Though the entire school’s program is what AIM calls “Future Focused,” the Middle and Upper School curricula focus on what they call the Four Threads to the Future: Arts and Design, Science and Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Global Competency and Social Sustainability. While all students explore courses in these four areas of competence, they also have the ability to pursue their passion in a specific thread by applying to a concentration. In 16-year-old Jade McDonnell’s case, this was the Global Leadership program.


This year, the Global Portal—an immersive project by Shared Studios—will be at AIM Academy for at least two months, thanks to the persistence of its students and faculty, a supportive administration, and the unique environment the school creates.





Lead photograph by Amrit Gluck.



AIM Academy is a coeducational, independent school in Conshohocken dedicated to providing extraordinary educational opportunities to children in grades 1-12 with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. Our rigorous, academic elementary, middle and high school programs, taught by experienced and creative faculty, incorporate evidence-based interventions in an arts-based learning environment that is college preparatory in scope and sequence. Our programs are designed to foster self-esteem and social responsibility both in the classroom and through our comprehensive athletics, extracurricular and summer camp programs.