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“We Have Seen Miracles”: Stem Cell Treatment and Pain Management in Philadelphia

Dr. Jarrad Teller and Dr. Michael Schina tell us about how their practice revolutionized regenerative medicine treatments and improved the quality of life for so many people.

So many of us live with chronic pain, and as we get older, the frequency increases. The Centers for Disease Control found that over 20 percent of adults experience chronic pain, and have examined its correlation with anxiety, depression, and poor quality of life.


Over ten years ago, Dr. Jarrad Teller—a chiropractor with degrees in physiotherapy and kinesiology—and Dr. Michael Schina—a vascular and trauma surgeon—began Art of Pain Management in Philadelphia to provide patients with interventional treatments to manage their pain—and their lives. They had seen patients improve with their treatments (including spine/joint injections, medication, and physiotherapy/chiropractic care)—as well as recommended lifestyle changes like diet, vitamins, minerals, yoga, meditation, exercise, and weight loss—but for some patients, nothing seemed to help permanently.



In 2016, Drs. Teller and Schina went to their first seminar about stem cells, and everything changed. After implementing these treatments in their office, they have seen incredible results.  “We have seen cartilage regenerate, ligament tears heal, and osteoarthritis reverse itself,” Dr. Teller describes.


It has been so successful, that they recommend that anyone thinking about getting a hip replacement or knee surgery, tries this route before a permanent route that could be damaging. In many cases, patients are able to avoid those more invasive and risky procedures after undergoing regenerative medicine therapy with The Art of Pain Management.


Stem cell therapy uses healthy stem cells found in the body to replace or activate your body’s own stem cells at the injured site. Stem cells are unique in that they can turn into any type of cell, and are vital to the body’s ability to heal itself.


As we get older, our stem cells decrease, and so does our body’s ability to regenerate and repair. But injection of stem cells and various other growth factors and cells is believed to activate your body’s own stem cells to start healing injured tissue. Stem cells may be harvested from the patient or from a donor.


The Art of Pain Management has largely used this treatment on patients with osteoarthritis—degenerative joint diseases are their biggest focus. However, they have also had success helping those who have had strokes, COPD, autoimmune diseases, concussive sports injuries, and even paralysis.


Dr. Teller describes seeing multi paraplegics actually getting feeling and motion back in their limbs. “We have seen miracles—amazing things—with treatment in our office.”



Art of Pain Management has offices in Northeast Philadelphia and Upper Darby. Visit their website or call 215-375-7107 to learn more or to make an appointment.


If you are searching for Philadelphia or Upper Darby, PA, pain management physicians to help with a sports injury or chronic pain, our team at Art of Pain Management & Regenerative Medicine may be able to help. We understand that physical injuries can cause emotional suffering, so we work hard to help you manage your pain or eliminate it through stem cell treatment so that you can continue to lead a high-quality life.