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Adorn Your Walls with Joy

As we spend more time than ever in our homes, photographer John Cruice talks reimagining these spaces with memory and feeling.

It’s an understatement to say this year has been challenging for many. Individual circumstances differ, but we’ve all experienced some significant level of change. One thing we all have in common is we’ve all spent a lot more time in our homes this year.


Many homes are being asked to be more things now than ever before. What used to be places where you sleep, hang out with family, and host dinner parties have become offices and schools. You may have noticed a desire to make changes to areas of your home now that you’re occupying more often and with a different mindset.


Some renovated a space they were putting off, others put their holiday decorations up earlier than usual, while others rearranged the items on shelves for a better Zoom background. My parents had their living room and upstairs hall completely repainted pink to brighten the space and play off of a photo of cherry blossoms I had taken this past Spring. In each case, we’re trying to add an element of joy to our daily experiences. I bought a new sofa and built a new coffee table solely because I’d walk by them from my home office to the kitchen more frequently when I left the corporate world to start my portrait business.



When my parents renovated their kitchen last year, one addition was two photos that my uncle (who was a freelance photographer at the time) took. One is me with my dad, and one is my sister with my mom. I corrected the color on the faded photos and enlarged them to fit the space. My mom has remarked several times how much seeing those brings her joy every day.


Lift your head up from reading this and take a look around. What things bring a smile to your face and what can you add to have that feeling more often? One way I can help is by creating portraits of you and your family the same way my uncle did for my family. This is a way of capturing the fun you have together and a chance to make you smile every time you enter that room and see them.


Our spaces affect us more than we realize. So when you’re shopping this holiday season, think about ways to add a little joy to a loved one’s space. If you’d like to adorn your walls with portraits from me, please get in touch. Otherwise, there are plenty of other small businesses in the area who would be happy to help you add a little joy to your home/office/classroom.




 John Cruice Photography supports the Philly Family Community.

John Cruice is a Philadelphia-based family portrait photographer specializing in wall prints capturing stories worth telling. www.johncruice.com