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A Lifetime of Musicianship begins at Music Play Patrol

Introducing Philly kids to the world of music, one song and activity at a time!

There are many music education programs throughout the Philadelphia region, and many parents and teachers have their favorite performers. So we asked Frank Coates, owner of Music Play Patrol, what makes his program unique? Musicianship!


“We have one simple rule: If we perform something that the parent or classroom teacher can do, it’s not good enough,” says Mr. Frank. “We want both children and adults to leave our program fascinated by what they just experienced, and that all starts with musicianship.” Mr. Frank and his team aren’t just experienced educators but professional musicians who can play various instruments from around the world.



After serving as Music Coordinator for Please Touch Museum for two years, Mr. Frank launched Music Play Patrol in June 2010, focusing on providing interactive music and movement classes to schools and child care centers in low-income communities. Over the last 11 years, his program has grown from providing services to a handful of schools in West Philadelphia to working with hundreds of schools, camps, and libraries throughout the tri-state area and virtual classes nationwide.


Preschool Music Program

Schools can schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly in-person classes for children ages 18 months and up. Their curriculum is based on monthly themes, and children are exposed to new music and instruments every lesson. Each class is 30 minutes and can have up to twenty students participate. Rates start at just $74.99 for a 30-minute class and $89.99 for one hour.


School Assemblies

One of the most popular assembly programs offered by Music Play Patrol is the African Drum Circle. Mr. Frank demonstrates different hand drums from West Africa, and children have the opportunity to try the instruments. Additional programs include Musical Storytelling, Kitchen Concerto (pots and pans drumming), Bucket Drumming, and more!

Birthday Parties & Events

Music Play Patrol offers 30, 45, and 60-minute party packages, consisting of a guitar sing-along, parachute game, and a dance and drum circle. Rates start at just $119.99 for the 30-minute package.

YouTube Music Education Channel

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to several schools and early education centers eliminating “non-essential” programs, which unfortunately impacts students’ exposure to music and creative arts. Music Play Patrol now posts free music education content for children ages two and up on their
YouTube channel every Monday morning. Their content includes preschool music lessons, musical takes on popular children’s stories, bucket drumming videos, modern sing-alongs of classic children’s songs, and more.


Learn more about Music Play Patrol by visiting them at:




Music Play Patrol supports the Philadelphia Family Community.

Since launching in 2010, Music Play Patrol has brought early and elementary music education to hundreds of local schools, libraries, and camps throughout the Philadelphia region. MPP was founded based on one concept, that children, no matter where they come from or which school district they attend, should have access to a high-quality educational experience.