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My Philly: Why the Schwartz Family Loves Old City

Our cover family dishes on their neighborhood, their favorite Philly spots, and more.

After living in Queen Village for years, Gloria and Andy Schwartz relocated to Old City with their kids Lily and Kaya. We were excited for them to share why they love being a Philly family.

Why do you love where you live?

Philadelphia is a great city for families. It’s manageable to drive or walk, has every activity and class for all ages of children, has a large network of moms, has a lot of diversity, and has everything an adult is looking for in a city as well.

Where do your children go to school? What were the important things you considered when picking your kids’ school?

Lily has been going to Society Hill Synagogue Playschool since she was 2. Kaya will start her first year here this September. It was important to me that the school was welcoming, safe and reputable with a fun program.

What does a typical weekend look like for your family?

Our favorite thing to do is picnic in Rittenhouse Square. You can find us there whenever the weather is nice. We also like to entertain and have playdates at our house.

Which membership does your family get the most use out of?

The girls go to InMovement, Mister John’s Music, Charles Santore Library, and Hall-Mercer Mommy and Me.

What is your go-to gift for kids’ birthday parties? Or your go-to shop to find them?

Born Yesterday has amazing clothes and gifts for babies.

What is your favorite kid-friendly restaurant in your neighborhood?

We’ve never been shy to bring the girls anywhere from fancy to casual, but they’re used to eating out. Breakfast at the Fitz and Starts is always good and sitting in a booth at The Continental is tasty and fast.

What is your secret time-saving shortcut?

My travel backpack/diaper bag is always ready to go with the essentials. That way, I just throw in drinks and snacks, and we’re off.

What is the best piece of parenting advice you’ve received?

Your child needs to know that you are the boss but when you can, offer two choices and let them choose – even if they’re two “not preferred” choices.

You have friends visiting from out of town. What are your must-do local attractions?

Philadelphia has great food. Get pizza at Pizzeria Beddia. Eat the best sandwich in America at Dinic’s. And obviously a Philly cheesesteak. See the best collection of impressionist artistry at the Barnes Foundation. Take a picture at LOVE Park and a stroll through Rittenhouse Square. If you like history, I could go on for days…

Tell us about a family tradition you’ve started.

We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. Every Christmas, we go to City Hall and walk around the Christmas Village to feel festive!

Photographs by Mary Goodman Photography.

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