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Protect Better, Stress Less: What to Know Before You Baby-proof

Do you have a little one on the move? It's probably time to baby-proof!

Whether your little one is about to be on the move or is already mobile, baby-proofing decisions are a milestone in every parenting journey. Safer Babies is here to help with a brief framework of information you can use to make decisions that are right for your family and home.

Should you baby-proof?

The Safer Babies team thinks so! Being able to explore safely is important to a baby’s development. However, since home accidents are a well-documented danger, it’s important to be proactive in creating a safe space. Why gamble regarding safety when solutions are available? Plus, life is stressful enough! Baby-proofing can reduce everyday stress. Tension rises and patience, creativity, and fun decrease when caregivers constantly need to say “no!” or when a child needs to hear it over and over. Child-proofing saves both your “no!” and your child’s attention for when it’s really necessary.

Additional COVID reasons to baby-proof: More time spent at home equals more risks. Baby-proof to keep your family out of the ER and to keep the ER free for those in need.

How much baby-proofing is necessary?

Every child, home, & caregiver is unique. Some home designs are more hazardous. Some circumstances (work from home, technology, multiple children, layout, etc.) make it easier or harder to give undivided and constant attention to a little one. Some families decide to do all baby-proofing in one proactive sweep so they don’t have to revisit it. Some proceed in increments. Safer Babies recommends starting with solutions to the hazards that can do the most harm and those that consistently draw the attention of you and your child.

What are the biggest hazards?

  • Being crushed or impinged by tipped over unbracketed heavy furniture.
  • Brain injury or broken bones from falling down stairs or through railings.
  • Burns from fireplaces or stoves.
  • Internal injuries from swallowing button batteries or small objects.
  • Poisoning or wounds from access to toxins or sharp objects.
  • Access to loose cords.
  • Access to areas with standing water.

This is a scary list of dangers to be sure, but for each hazard there is a proven solution. Knowledge of these risks is a gift from parents and doctors, which can prevent future incidents when you take the extra steps to keep your family safe.

Should you DIY it, or hire a professional?

As professionals with 21 years of happy clients and leading awards in the Philadelphia Main Line area, Safer babies recommends subbing this task out to them! They are problem solvers with experience in all types of hazards, in all types of homes. Why “reinvent the wheel” trying to DIY a solution that they may already have? Or why order a product that they already know will not hold up or satisfy clients over time? Why damage walls, cabinets or railings with a trial-and-error installation when they have solutions & craftsmanship-level skill? They can save you time and money by doing things right the first time with products that suit your home and aesthetic. Contact them on saferbabies.com or message them through social media for a virtual consult, in-home consult, or quote!

Photo by Silvina B Photography for Main Line Parent magazine.

We provide in-home child safety evaluations and professionally install quality baby safety products. We also provide lead baby safety classes and share safety information with the Philly community.