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Philadelphia Family Parent-to-Parent School Directory (with Fall 2019 Open House Dates)

Get to know Philadelphia area city and suburban schools from the families, faculty, and staff that know them best!

This Philadelphia Family Parent-to-Parent School Directory was built based on the submissions to our Philadelphia Family School Gratitude Survey. We also encourage you to visit these schools for an open house, there’s nothing quite like a personal tour to get to know a school’s community when you’re searching for the right fit. Looking for first-hand experience on a school that’s not listed? Ask our Philly Family Community group on Facebook about them (we have over 4.7K members!) If you would like us to add YOUR school to our directory, please tell us about them by completing our School Gratitude Survey.


Abington Friends School

Co-ed, Quaker | Grades Preschool – 12 | Jenkintown
215-886-4350 |  AbingtonFriends.net


Open Houses:
10/19 1:00 pm
11/5 9:00 am
2/4/2020 9:00 am


“Two of my children attended AFS, from Kindergarten through 12th grade. They both graduated and were fully prepared and ready for college. In college they were honors and magna cum laude students. My daughters grew up very confident, outspoken and informed about real world issues, and were equipped to be innovative.”
– Alumni Parent


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

Abington Friends School (AFS) has the first certified nature explore classroom in the state of Pennsylvania and its Headwaters Discovery Playground was recently named one of the top five outdoor learning sites in the world. The school’s 50-acre campus is uniquely situated at the headwaters of the Jenkintown Creek, a


The Agnes Irwin School

Girls, Non-sectarian | Pre-K to 12 | Rosemont
610-525-8400 | agnesirwin.org


“We wanted our daughters to be in an academic environment that allows them to be independent thinkers and encourages them to take risks. Agnes Irwin focuses on the whole child and provides a collaborative learning environment for our daughters to find their gifts and a sense of place. The school offers an exemplary curriculum with a focus on STEM, an extensive arts program, small class-size, one-on-one college counseling and all-season athletics. The community creates an environment where everyone is invested in the success of every girl.”
—Richard & Tien-Yueh, Wayne


AIM Academy

Co-ed, Independent, For students with
language-based learning differences | Grades 1 – 12 | Conshohocken
215-483-2461 aimpa.org


Open Houses:
11/1 9:00 am
11/24 11:00 am


“AIM Academy turned my bright, but challenged student who struggled to read and write throughout his early elementary years into a confident reader and honor-roll-achieving school leader. Even as an educator myself, I felt defeated and lost when my son was diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia at the age of 7. I am forever grateful to AIM’s amazing teachers for giving him the skills and strategies to succeed academically and to love learning.”
– Kimmell, AIM Academy Parent


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

This year the Portal will stay for the fall, and will be used not just by Global Scholars, but will be integrated into everything from foreign language courses to geography, history, math, and beyond.


Alexander Adaire

Public, Philadelphia School District | Fishtown



“Community. Leadership. Excellent teachers. Families that step up and volunteer and support school needs. ” – Denis, Alexander Adaire Parent


Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool 

Preschool | Old City


“The teachers are happy, engaged, and truly excited to see the students when they walk through the door each morning. My son comes home babbling and bubbly, and is making wonderful progress. The school provides ample opportunity for the children to play outside, go on field trips, and participate in experiential and play-based learning. One of the best decisions we have made in my two-year-old’s life is enrolling him at Amigos!”
– Carrie Beth, Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool Parent


Arch Street Preschool (ASP)

Ages 2 to 5 years | Logan Square


“ASP is a utopia of a little preschool! One of the things I love most about it is how much they stand by their mission – to ensure every child has access to a high-quality early childhood education. The school is incredibly diverse in every aspect, but uniform in the sense that every family is warm and friendly.”
– Hilary, Arch Street Preschool (ASP) Parent


The Baldwin School

Girls, Independent | Grades Pre-K – 12 | Bryn Mawr
610-525-2700 | baldwinschool.org



“Baldwin has given my daughters so much. It has made them learners instead of memorizers. It has made them ask why and how…and it has done all this in the most welcoming and warm environment. Both of my daughters found their home away from home; a school that challenges them to stretch their minds, to not be afraid to raise their hands and voice their opinions and to think on a more global scale. Baldwin has imbued my daughters with the self-assurance to do whatever they choose in life and I am certain that because of Baldwin they will make a difference.”
—Claudia Baldassano P ’18, ‘23, Bryn Mawr


As seen in the Philly Family Community:

The Deitz Family from The Baldwin School

Learn more about this Philadelphia family's experience at the all-girls school in Bryn Mawr.

Barrack Hebrew Academy

Co-ed, Jewish | Grades 6-12 | Bryn Mawr
610-922-2350 | jbha.org


Open Houses:
11/1 9:30 am
12/18 9:30 am
3/20 9:30 am


“At Barrack, students are both challenged and nurtured. With a simulating and rigorous academic program, guided by timeless Jewish values in a warm and supportive environment, Barrack provides the opportunity for all kids to thrive . ”
-Barrack Parent


Benchmark School

Co-ed | Grades 1-8 |Media
610-565-3741 | benchmarkschool.org


Open Houses:
10/24 8:30 am


“I came to Benchmark because it catered to my unique learning style; other places couldn’t do that for me which stifled my ability to grow. Benchmark took the time to understand how I was different then gave me the tools to be successful.”
– Lauren Pyle ’04 


The Big Backyard Nursery School

2.7 – 5 years | Mt. Airy


“Big Backyard (BBY) meets kids needs where they are. BBY has amazing staff that understands children and treats them respectfully as individuals. BBY allows kids freedom to play and grow both socially and emotionally. BBY is an amazing place that has helped both of my children grow immensely.”
– Bill, The Big Backyard Nursery School Parent


Bright Horizons – Center City

Infant to 6 years | Logan Square


“The staff is very professional and also make interactions fun. Education plans focus on the children and building their early skills. The staff is also very accommodating and is great at communicating issues, problems, or updates. School location is extremely convenient for two working parents in Center City.”
– Michael, Bright Horizons – Center City Parent



18 months to 5 years | Rittenhouse Square


“BZBI is such a warm, loving community. Both myself and daughter enjoy spending time there.” – Cara, BZBI Parent


Coed, Public,
grades Kindergarten to 12 / Cyber
844-590-2864 | ccaeducate.me



“I need my kids to be in an environment where they can actually focus on their education. That’s paramount to me. We’re able to connect with the teachers at CCA and we have more access to them. You have a better support system. Your children get an opportunity to advocate for themselves. If you don’t understand something, you can reach out to the teacher and voice your concerns. I’m thankful for CCA and I’m an advocate. The school does what it says it’s going to do for the families that they serve.”
—Tunisia Garnett of Philadelphia, CCA parent


Children’s Community School

18 months to 5 years | Squirrel Hill

“Their commitment to diversity of all kinds, including openly and actively teaching young children about differences and acceptance. They actively participate in the education week for Black Lives Matter. That every child is treated with respect for the individual that they are. That gender norms are questioned and not reinforced. They have a wonderful play yard.”
– Katy, Children’s Community School Parent


Christopher Columbus Charter School (CCCS)

Kindergarten – Grade 8 | Bella Vista

“Christopher Columbus Charter School has amazing teachers, faculty, staff, and kids. The teachers are eager to teach and the children are eager to learn. All of the staff are always available to the children as well as parents if you have any questions and/or concerns, or if your child needs help. I have four children, two of which have already graduated from CCCS with straight As and two going into third grade who are also doing amazing.”
– Ginny, Christopher Columbus Charter School Parent


Crefeld School

Co-ed, Public, Cyber | Grades Kindergarten – 12
844-590-2864 | crefeld.org


“School is a place of learning not just basic knowledge but also how to be a responsible and active citizen. Like other schools, Crefeld teaches math, science, art, history, and English. But it also teaches so much more. The school empowers students to make a difference in their community and to make their voices heard. I am so happy that I went to a place that not only prepared me for college, but also for life.”
—Ari, Class of 2016

Delaware County Christian School

Co-ed, Christian | Grades Pre-K – 12 | Newtown Square & Devon
610-353-6522 | dccs.org


Open Houses:
11/7 9:30 am
11/13 9:30 am


“We chose DC for our children because of the spirit of excellence in all areas. We are thrilled that beyond their scholarly pursuits, our children have the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of competitive athletic programs as well as state-of-the-art visual and performing arts.”
– Delaware County Christian School Parent


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

When this family moved to the King of Prussia area, they found the right fit for all four of their kids at DCCS. Find out why.


Frankford Friends School

Pre-K – Grade 8 | Frankford


“My children are receiving an excellent education academically, but they’re also treated as unique individuals. They are given support and challenges that have helped shape them into critical thinkers that don’t just solve problems, but understand them.”
– Natalie, Frankford Friends School Parent

Friends’ Central School

Co-ed, Quaker | Grades nursery – 12  | Wynnewood
610-642-7575 (Lower School, Old Gulph Road)
610-649-7440 (Middle and Upper School, City Avenue )


Open Houses:
10/14 9:30 am
11/6 8:30 am
12/4 9:00 am


“Every day, my teachers and coaches at Friends’ Central encourage and inspire me to set high standards for myself, to try new things, and to care about the world around me.”
– Friends’ Central School Student


“The Friends Community “makes it a point to get to know the whole family.” When they visit, “everyone knows Phinneas” and when they attend events such as the pumpkin festival or the pajama movie night, their younger children feel right at home too.”
—Charisma and Joseph, Germantown


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

Friends’ Central School has been the perfect fit for the Goldblums, giving six-year-old Owen “the best of the city and the best of the suburbs.”


Friends School Haverford

Co-ed, Quaker | Grades Nursery – 8 | Haverford
610-642-2334 | friendshaverford.org


Open Houses:
10/19 9:00 am
11/6 9:00 am
12/4 9:00 am
1/15/20 9:00 am


“Friends School Haverford takes all of the current best practices in education and somehow packages them in a way that makes school seem magical to its students. We love its experiential, hands-on teaching methods which take advantage of the school’s beautiful, enchanting campus as well as its proximity to Haverford College. Top-notch teachers, wonderful families, and Quaker values make this school a gem.”
– Melissa, Friends School Haverford Parent


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

Friends School Haverford is teaching its students to embrace, accept and value differences.


Friends Select School

Co-ed, Quaker | Grades Pre-K – 12 | Logan Square
215-561-5900 | friends-select.org


“Friends Select has been a fabulous experience for my sons and our whole family! I can’t recommend them enough.”
– Jennifer, Friends Select School Parent

Fusion Academy

Co-ed, 1:1 instruction | Grades 6 – 12  | Ardmore


Open Houses:

Tours are available by appointment 


“His education is 100% individualized and tailored to his needs- from the classes down to the schedule! The staff is vested in his well being, and celebrates how far he has come as well as achievements.” – Maya, Fusion Academy Parent


As seen in the Philly Family community:

With individualized, one-on-one learning, middle and high school students at Fusion can make their own schedules and learn in the way that is best for their particular needs and interests.


Germantown Academy

Co-ed, Nonsectarian day school |Grades Pre-K – 12 | Fort Washington
215-646-3300 | germantownacademy.net


“There is no one size fits all approach to learning at GA, and the kids feel it! From visionary leadership to engaged teachers who are passionate about igniting young minds, GA radiates a dynamic energy throughout its campus. An authentic dedication to the natural world sets GA apart and outdoor learning spaces compliment a program that balances traditional classroom learning with a “get muddy, be creative, collaborate in the dirt hands on approach” that kids love. The emphasis on collaboration, entrepreneurship and global citizenship, prepares children to meet the challenges of today’s changing world. My boys are becoming confident, curious, creative and most important caring people and they are excited about the opportunities ahead of them.”
—Allison D., Chestnut Hill


As seen in the Philly Family community:

At Germantown Academy, we cultivate a growth mindset so our youngest students can build the knowledge, skills, work habits, and character traits to become creative problem-solvers, clear communicators, and successful collaborators.


Girard College

Co-ed, weekday residential | Grades 1 to 12 | Philadelphia
215-787-2600 | girardcollege.edu


Open Houses:
10/22  9:30 am
11/5  9:30 am
11/19  9:30 am


“Girard College is a family. Students build lasting bonds with each other and staff that extend beyond our campus walls. It is a place that changes lives for the better.”
– Brandon Herbert, Girard College Parent


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

Girard’s boarding school environment gives students more time to live in a community, grow relationships, and focus on Girard’s five core values: respect, responsibility, integrity, self-discipline, and compassion.

The Grayson School

Gifted, Independent | Pre-K – 12 | Radnor
484-428-3241 | thegraysonschool.org


Open Houses:
“Welcome Wednesdays” weekly, 9:30 am
10/19 CogniCon


“The Grayson School is a great school for my both of my daughters. It challenges them daily to think differently and all of the teachers are amazing. The teachers are passionate and work hard to give all that they can to the students. My oldest child has blossomed there in particular and loves coming to school each day.  She is able to be herself and not hide any part of her. She is learning to code and has a projects class where she is learning to never give up and learning all of her strengths she has to offer the world. Both girls are involved in a lot of clubs that are fun and different. The school celebrates diversity and individuality.  Each child is respected and loved for just being his/her authentic self.”
– Lauren, Grayson School Parent



As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

If you've been searching for a school for your gifted learner, learn why The Grayson School could be the right fit.


Greene Street Friends School

Grades Pre-K – 8 | Penn Knox – Germantown


“It is a diverse, small, progressive school that is affordable. There is no pretense, and the class sizes are small with a strong focus on social-emotional learning and play-based education.”
– Joanna, Greene Street Friends School Parent


Greene Towne Montessori School

Coed, Montessori, Toddler – K
Center City
215-563-63638 | gtms.org


Open Houses:
10/23 6:30 pm


“We have watched our son develop into a kind, well spoken, independent, and confident boy and we credit much of this to the positive influence and care at Greene Towne! Greene Towne Montessori has been a true gift to our family and many others.”
-Stacy Kennedy, Greene Towne Montessori Parent


The Haverford School

Boys | Pre-K to 12 | Haverford
610-642-3020 | haverford.org


Open Houses:
10/23 8:30 am (Middle/Upper School)
See website for Lower School Look & Learn dates



“Everyone that’s ever had a child knows that boys and girls are different, and the maturity is different. You see these young men at Haverford, and they’re just so mature, so polite, and so kind. Haverford teachers recognize that teaching to those differences makes the students better boys and better men.”
—Erin Elmore, Center City


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

The first augmented reality mural is unveiled in Philadelphia.

In partnership with Mural Arts Philadelphia, students at The Haverford School and Shoemaker Mastery Charter School conceptualized and created a unique augmented reality mural in West Philadelphia.


Holy Child Academy in Drexel Hill

Co-ed, Catholic | Pre-K – 8 / Drexel Hill
610-259-2712 | holychildacademy.com

Open Houses:

11/7 5:30 pm
1/9/2020 5:30 pm
2/6/2020 5:30 pm


“The teachers celebrate each child’s individual achievements and the children learn to be proud of their classmates as well as themselves. I couldn’t feel better about sending them to school. HCA is a place where each child is loved and is encouraged to grow in love for others.”
– Cecilia, Holy Child Academy Parent


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

“Once we visited, we were sold. We were just blown away by the warmth and kindness. It really felt like home.”

Independence Charter School

Grades K – 8  | Fitler Square


“I love the bilingual and Spanish Immersion program supported at ICS. The teachers and staff are very supportive and caring. The Immersion program increases student awareness and view of their community in addition to offering such a valuable tool. The community and staff work together to offer many opportunities for the students.”
– Casandra, Independence Charter School Parent

Inquiry Charter School

Grades Pre-K – 5 | Inquiry Charter School


“Inquiry Charter School is one of just a few schools in the city with a K4 program. The K4 program is integrated into the school and is free, regardless of income. Our daughter just missed the Kindergarten cut-off with an October birthday, but she was really ready for school. We got into Inquiry and she has thrived there. They have Spanish, Art, Music, Gym, two recesses, and a weekly walking trip to a nearby pond where they learn science and environmental science. They have school values of curiosity, generosity, and growth, and they live it!”
– Melanie, Inquiry Charter School Parent


Insight PA Cyber Charter School

Public, Tuition-Free, Public Charter School | Grades K – 12 |


Open Houses:
Please visit our calendar at PA.InsightSchools.net for a scheduled Information Session


Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy

Co-ed, Jewish |Grades 6-12
610-922-2350 | jbha.org



“Barrack treats each student individually and with respect, while encouraging all students to see themselves as integral parts of a community grounded in Jewish values. The curriculum is intellectually rigorous, but Barrack’s innovative curriculum and resources provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. As a college professor, I can always pick out the Jewish Day School students on the first day of freshman year: they are confident, articulate, and not afraid to ask tough questions.”
—Emily Steiner, PhD


J.R. Masterman School

Grades 5 – 12 | Spring Garden


“It’s a diverse environment of students focused on learning and enriching their lives with education. Teachers have high expectations and support the students to achieve and pursue their goals. As a public school they offer sports and instrumental music lessons to enhance the child’s learning experience.”
– Casandra, J. R. Masterman School Parent

Learning Garden Philly

Infant – Pre-K | South Philly


“Incredibly nurturing caregivers and appropriately stimulating environment with lots of outside time.”
– Alisa, Learning Garden Philly Parent

Malvern Preparatory School

Boys, Independent, Catholic | Grades 6 – 12  | Malvern
484-595-1100 | malvernprep.org


Open Houses:
10/19 9:00 am

“If you’re looking for a well-rounded education that prepares your son, Malvern is the place to be.”
– Allison Hall, Malvern Prep Parent


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

Malvern Prep’s new Center for Social Impact, scheduled to open in the fall of 2019, will take the school for boys in 6th through 12th grades to a new level.


Mi Casita Philly

Spanish Immersion Preschool, Project Based Learning Curriculum | Ages 3 months – 5 years | Fairmount
215-232-3222 | micasitapreschool.com/philadelphia


Personal tours available by appointment.


“My daughter has been attending Mi Casita since she was 18 months old. She will be 5 in January.I commute 35-45 minutes each day from Mt. Airy to bring her to Mi Casita.The staff is very attentive and nurturing and my daughter is delighted to come to school everyday.Plus, she is learning Spanish in a fun, natural environment!Mi Casita is like a second home and family.”
– Herr-Perrin, Mi Casita Philly Parent 

The Miquon School

Independent, Private | Pre-K – 6 | Conschohocken

Open Houses:
11/7 6:30 pm


“The thought, care, and intention that teachers at the Miquon School put into their lesson planning and curriculum design is beyond compare. The natural beauty of the campus is special and a true asset.”
– Stephanie, The Miquon School Parent 



Grades K – 8 | Bella Vista


“Great music and art programs”
– Hilary, Nebinger Parent

Parent Infant Center

Infant through 5 years | 4205 Spruce Street, Philadelphia


“PIC is such a wonderful community! I love their focus on play-based curriculum, outdoor exploration, and celebration and support of all kinds of diversity.”
– Tamara, Parent Infant Center Parent


PA Cyber Charter School

Public, Cyber | Kindergarten – 12
888-722-9237 | pacyber.org


Open Houses:
Online Open Houses available at this link: pacyber.org/session




“It’s about building opportunities for yourself and knowing how to better your education and what works for you as an individual learner and student.”
– PA Cyber Student


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

"I can work at a faster pace than others and I learn at a higher level than others my age.”


Perelman Jewish Day School

Grades Pre-K – 5 | Wynnewood


“I love the integration of spirituality and intellectual rigor in my child’s education, as well as the relative diversity of the school concerning families with different race, country, and class backgrounds, which is important to us as a multicultural family  It is a progressive and harmonious school. I think the Rabbi is really exceptional, as are the teachers.The coursework works within each child’s developmental needs through small groups, and I love the focus on learning and process as opposed to grades. There is a strong focus on literacy as well as STEAM through a coding/ robotics/ pre-engineering class called Makers’ Space. The campus is absolutely beautiful as are the classrooms, backdropping an ideal learning setting. It is also a small school community, and I very much like that all the teachers are familiar with my child. It’s a truly exceptional place and we feel incredibly blessed to be part of it.”
– Daniella, Perelman Jewish Day School Parent


Philadelphia Classical School

Grades K – 9 | Center City West


“This is truly an amazing school. The teachers have a passion to teach classical education in a way that is engaging the whole child. From physical education to theater to Latin, the school guides its students toward what is good and true and beautiful not only in the classical humanities curriculum, but in themselves, and the world around them.”
– Joanne, Philadelphia Classical School Parent

The Philadelphia School

Independent | Pre-K – 8 | Fitler Square
215-545-5323 | tpschool.org


Open Houses:
10/20 3:00 pm


“We want our children to grow up and be the best version of themselves, and I think that a school like The Philadelphia School that allows creativity, and choice allows them to develop their own voice.”
– Sarah Campbell Cooper ‘93, Alumna and Current TPS Parent



As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

This project-based, diverse educational environment explores urban surroundings, the natural world, and the limitlessness of children's potential.


Primrose School of Center City Philadelphia

Co-ed | Infants to PreK and After-School K- 5 | Center City
215-485-6896 | primroseschoolcentercity.com


“Thank you so much for all the support, love, and kindness Primrose has given to our family. Our son has a great time here, and he is growing up so cheerfully, largely thanks to the care that his teachers have given over the years. The meals here are awesome, and we are so spoiled that now we have to figure out his meal prep when he goes to school in the fall.”
– Allison P. Wilson-Maher, Primrose School of Center City Philadelphia Parent


Quadrat Academy

Coed, Montessori, where learning is a lifestyle
Grades 6-12 / Philadelphia
267-997-7744 | quadratacademy.com



“We design all programs and learning journeys to give students the opportunity to build their voices, passions, and an individual path,” said Tikhonov. “We seek to develop entrepreneurs, critical thinkers and innovators — every one of our students will have a unique story.”
—Svetlana Tikhonov, Founder


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

Quadrat students will stand out for their ability to think critically and creatively.


Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr

Girls, Catholic |  Kindergarten – 12 | Bryn Mawr
610-527-3915 | shabrynmawr.org


Open House:
9/21 10:00 am


“Warmest school on the Main Line! Invested teachers, kind,  intelligent girls. This gem feels like home! Small classes challenge these young women, giving them wings to soar! Best decision we ever made.”
– Mare, Sacred Heart Academy Parent


The School in Rose Valley

Nonsectarian, Co-ed, Progressive | Grades Preschool – 6 | Rose Valley
610-566-1088 | theschoolinrosevalley.org


Open Houses:
11/2 10:00 am
11/12 9:00 am


“Probably the most fundamental effect SRV has had on [our daughter’s] character is her self-reliance, backed up by a thoughtful and kind outlook toward others, including, and perhaps especially, regarding anyone different, disadvantaged, or left out. While she has come away from her elementary school with a profound trust in her instincts and abilities to manage her own path through life, she knows that every other person has inherent value, and an outlook of their own, from which she can learn.”  
– SRV Parent



Society Hill Synagogue School

Ages 2 to 5 / Society Hill


Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

Independent, Project-based curriculum,
Boys / Girls grades Pre-K – 8,
Coed grades 9 – 12 / Chestnut Hill
215-247-7007 | sch.org


“There are a lot of great choices for schooling in our region. We did a lot of research and decided that SCH was the best choice … cutting-edge learning programs, competitive athletic teams with first-class facilities; caring, nurturing faculty and staff; a diverse student population. SCH Academy has exceeded our expectations and enriched our lives.”
—Jennifer and Stephen Dolente, Devon, PA

St. Joseph’s Preparatory School

Grades 9-12 | Cecil B. Moore


“I love the dedication of the faculty and staff, as well as the community culture. It’s cool to be smart, unique, and involved at SJP. The boys learn what it takes to demonstrate good character and to be a man for others.”
– Jeanne, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School Parent


St. Peter’s School

Grades K -8 | 319 Lombard St., Philadelphia 

Open House:
October 26, 1 pm


As seen in the Philly Family Community:

How the City Curriculum is changing the shape—and place—of learning at St. Peter’s.

Stratford Friends School

Coed,- Quaker | Grades K – 9 | Newtown Square
610-886-4337 | stratfordfriends.org


Open Houses:
Individualized private tours by appointment.


“Here’s the outcome of Guy’s seven years at Stratford Friends: he was accepted at Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia’s most selective public high school. It’s safe to say that he couldn’t have done it without the skills and self-discipline he learned at Stratford Friends.”
– Mallory B., Stratford Friends Parent


As seen in the Philly Family Community:

This Quaker-based school, located in Newtown Square is giving kids who learn differently the tools they need for success.


Summit Children’s Program

Ages 18 months – 5 years | 6757 Greene Street, Philadelphia


“LOTS of outside time! Teachers that connect with the kids.”
– Sarah, Summit Children’s Program Parent

The Upper Dublin Christian Nursery School

Preschool 2 – Pre-K | Ambler


“Small class size, experienced teachers, supportive parent community, positive behavior supports. The Director, Stacey Condeelis, has been wonderful and welcoming to our family since our summer tour. She supports her staff through continuing education courses, personal engagement with each student and their family, and her connection to the larger Ambler/Upper Dublin communities.”
– Upper Dublin Christian Nursery School Parent

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia 

Grades Nursery – 8 | Germantown


“The play-oriented, engaging activities (puppet play, making snack, cleaning, painting, coloring, playing outside) that these little ones enjoy make the nursery a magical place. We trust the teachers wholly, as they are gentle, patient, and always seem to know the best way to encourage and redirect the children when needed without coercion. They truly have a rhythm to their day and our son thrives with knowing it.”
– Kelly, The Waldorf School of Philadelphia Parent

Western Learning School

Pre-K | Graduate Hospital


“The teachers work with the parents on helping them with behavioral issues. The teachers always make you feel that your kid is being taken care of like their own.”
– Anat, Western Learning School Parent

William Penn Charter School

Co-ed, Quaker, |Ggrades Pre-K – 12 | Philadelphia
215-844-3460 x103 | penncharter.com


“Watching my Lev carefully and delicately consider his country’s resources and needs and negotiate with other countries blew my mind. A 10-year-old’s ability to dig deep and analyze many world issues not only created a life skill, but also showed how Penn Charter prepares our children to tackle complex situations.”
—Lysa Puma, Philadelphia


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine: 

How Penn Charter’s IdeaLabs are transforming the learning process.

Wissahickon Charter School 

Grades K – 8 | East Falls


“From day 1, everyone from the front desk staff to the teachers and the admin, took the time to know who my child was and even give him an endearing nickname! They are warm and welcoming every time we walk in and always eager for parent involvement and communication.”
– Cheryl, Wissahickon Charter School Parent

Woodlynde School

Co-ed, Independent | Grades K – 12 / Strafford
610-687-9660 | woodlynde.org


Woodlynde School is a coed college prep school in the Philadelphia region for students in grades K-12 who learn differently.


“Woodlynde has incredibly supportive, talented, patient teachers and staff members. In addition, administrators work incredibly hard to cultivate a learning environment that values and recognizes each student’s strengths and unique talents.” – Leslie, Woodlynde Parent


As seen in Philadelphia Family magazine:

After putting their son Colin in the summer program at Woodlynde, find out why the Purdy's choose to have him continue on into the academic year.


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